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I Started Working for a Tree Service

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I do not do the scary part, obviously that requires you to know what you are doing and they are not going to let a teenager do tree pruning in Long Island unless they think that they can afford to get me bonded. Obviously the profits go down the drain if you go around busting up cars and breaking the windows on houses. It does you no good to pay some guy to climb up a tree with a chain saw if the guy does not know how to come back down the slow way. The big thing on my job is to not get hit by falling tree limbs or chunks of logs from tree trunks. In fact that is a really big thing, and instead the big thing I do is to try to minimize the damage that occurs when a huge log falls from fifty feet up in the air. Continue reading

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I Needed Back in My Snapchat Account

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The weekend was finally here and I wanted to spend some extra time on Snapchat. I had tons of pictures I wanted to download to my account. I got comfortable in my recliner with my laptop and proceeded to log into my Snapchat account. I typed in my username and password and got an error stating that the password was incorrect. This was no big deal as I sometimes misspell the password and would simply retype it. My second attempt produced the same error message. Someone must have used a snapchat hack to access my account. I had to get to the bottom of this and get it straightened out.

I immediately started a web search for information related to this. Continue reading

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The Apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio Cost the Same As Our Old Apartment

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We started out looking at apartments based on what we thought we could afford. I was looking in specific areas thinking they were in our price range. I think that it is possible some landlords kind of rely on that kind of thinking. You end up getting less apartment for more money. On a whim, I asked my wife to look at the apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio to see what they looked like and what the rent cost. I heard from a friend that it was a nice place, but I always thought it was out of our leasing price range. Well, I should have looked at them first.

We were paying a lot for our junky old apartment. The rent had gone up every year for three years. Continue reading

Dorothy Parker and The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a classic American novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and first published in 1925 during the height of the Roaring Twenties in America. The book became enormously successful.

At the time of The Great Gatsby’s release, Dorothy Parker, founding member of the Algonquin Round Table, was thirty-two years old, living and working in New York City, collaborating with George S. Kaufman on the movie script “Business Is Business” and contemplating her second suicide attempt.

The main character in The Great Gatsby is Jay Gatsby, a WWI veteran who desired to be reunited with Daisy Buchannan, the love he lost five years prior. Coincidentally, Dorothy Rothschild Parker’s 1st husband, Edwin Pond Parker II was also a WWI veteran, whose heart was broken by his true love, Dottie. Edwin wanted his wife to move with him from New York to Connecticut. She decided a divorce was in order. She kept Parker’s name.

Dorothy Parker’s ‘best friend’ and nemesis, Playwright, Lillian Hellman, published memoirs in which she revealed that Dorothy and F. Scott Fitzgerald had had a brief affair. One will never know, beyond The Great Gatsby, which of Fitzgerald’s writings were ever influenced by his friend and former lover.

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Dorothy Rothschild Parker had much in common. Both were celebrated and prolific authors who were raised in wealthy families. They attended private Catholic schools (though Dorothy’s father Jacob Henry Rothschild was Jewish). The two had a passion for writing and enjoyed early successes. Both authors thrived financially through the Depression era of the 1930’s.

Dorothy and F. Scott also enjoyed drinking alcohol to excess. Dorothy joked that she once attended Alcoholics Anonymous, but they wanted her to stop drinking right then and there!

F. Scott and Dorothy each led turbulent personal lives. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife Zelda was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder and was committed to a hospital that caught fire, resulting in her death. Dorothy Parker’s 2nd and 3rd husband Allan Campbell (they were married twice) was Bi-sexual and died in bed with her from an overdose of pills.

During their lifetimes, both Parker and Fitzgerald wrote for the Saturday Evening Post and Esquire. Both were screenwriters in Hollywood, though Dorothy was successful in this field (nominated for an Academy Award for co-scripting A Star Is Born), Fitzgerald was not.

Ironically, the central character in The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby went from poverty to wealth before death. While both Dorothy Parker and F. Scott Fitzgerald in their own lifetimes went from wealth and success to struggle before their deaths.

F. Scott Fitzgerald died of a heart attack in 1940 at the age of 44 in the middle of writing his final novel, “The Love of the Last Tycoon.” Dorothy Parker attended his funeral… Dorothy Parker also died of a heart attack in 1967 at the age of 73, in the midst of writing her autobiography, “The Events Leading Up to the Tragedy.” Both writers left behind their unfinished manuscripts. Though, Dorothy’s autobiography mysteriously disappeared after her death…

F. Scott Fitzgerald died believing he was a failure because none of his writings came close to the success of The Great Gatsby. Dorothy Parker died nearly penniless after being Blacklisted in Hollywood during the McCarthy Era Commie scare. Dorothy was once quoted as saying, “I’ll never accomplish anything. That’s perfectly clear to me.”

Dorothy Parker’s life and struggles have been captured in films, plays and the author’s one woman show titled, “Dorothy Parker’s Room Enough For Two.” F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life has also been depicted in films – with The Great Gatsby being made into several feature motion pictures including the most recent starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Great Gatsby has become required reading for most every High School student in America over the past several decades; making F. Scott Fitzgerald a household name. As for Dorothy Parker, sadly, many people today do not recognize who she is…


The Value of Annual Re-Orientation

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If you are not currently conducting an Annual Re-Orientation for your entire staff you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to reconnect them with the service philosophy of your organization, gain their re-commitment to the organization, and to hold them accountable for driving excellence in the year to come.

I was an employee with The Ritz-Carlton organization for over 17 years, and believe it or not, every year I attended Annual Employee Re-Orientation — and never got tired or bored with it. Why? Because it was an organizational goal to ensure that the learning was engaging, informative, interactive, and enjoyable.

Now Annual Employee Re-Orientation was a little different from the standard two-day orientation that new employees participated in. The annual re-orientation program was shorter, typically one day, and while it reinforced many of the same values and principles covered in new employee orientation, it also was an opportunity to get updated on new projects, initiatives, and business opportunities that the company was involved in, and learn how we would contribute to its success.

At The Ritz-Carlton, Annual Employee Re-Orientation was mandatory for all staff, including leadership. But the benefits far exceeded any cost or time incurred, and included:

  • Enhanced alignment and communication across departments
  • Greater employee engagement and teamwork
  • Employees feel that they are “part” of the organization, not just a worker
  • Greater customer satisfaction, because employees were re-energized
  • Company-wide recognition of employees and departments who go above and beyond
  • Increased employee competence, confidence, and commitment to do their jobs
  • Reduction in customers problems and internal defects due to increase competence
  • Increased job satisfaction and value in contributing to the success of the organization

Designing Your Annual Re-Orientation Program

Now that you understand the benefits, I hope it has inspired you to consider scheduling Annual Re-Orientations within your organization. To assist you in doing so, there are a few steps you should follow:

Step 1 – Get Leadership Buy-In: Before you go down the road of creating the program, start by discussing it informally with 3-4 trusted advisors (department heads and senior leaders) within the organization. First sharing what you believe will be the benefits to your organization, then going into brief detail on how you envision the program working. Be open to their questions (positive or negative), as well as their perspective on what will and will not work.

Step 2 – Make a Preliminary Draft the Program: This can be accomplished by asking yourself:

  • What should the agenda include?
  • How long should the program last (half-day or full-day)?
  • Who would be great facilitators/speakers?
  • What time of year is best for Annual Re-Orientation (beginning of the year, mid-year, our busy season, our slow season)?
  • What learning outcomes are expected as a result of attending this program (re-commitment to excellence, increased job competence, company-wide alignment)?
  • What will this cost the organization (in payroll, room and audio visual equipment, food and beverages, printing of training materials)?
  • Will the cost of this training be recouped in its benefits (increase employee engagement, increase customer loyalty, increased revenue, reduced customer dissatisfaction, reduced internal defects)?

Step 3 – Present Your Business Case: I know you may be thinking “what, I don’t have time for this!” But believe me it will be well worth your investment in time, and most likely guarantee the program will be approved and supported by senior leadership. Your business case should answer all of the questions posed in your preliminary draft of the program, and culminate with a basic “cost/benefit analysis” which should confirm that the investment will be recouped in cost-savings due to increased employee engagement, alignment, and productivity.

Two Rules of Thought

In creating your Annual Re-Orientation Program, there are two different approaches: (1) You can have veteran employees attend your current New Employee Orientation program; or (2) You can create a separate program for veteran employees. I have seen both approaches in action, and therefore offer this advice:

· Having veteran employees attend your current New Employee Orientation program will save time, and money. However, they may perceive it as too boring because the information covered it too basic and geared toward new employees. Or, they could become disruptive by asking too many questions that are not relevant to new employees and require more detailed, longer answers than your time allows.

· Having veteran employees attend a separate Annual Re-Orientation Program will cost more in development time, and money. However, it will allow you to focus on key issues that need to be reinforced with veteran employees, dedicate more time to the type of questions and concerns that veteran employees want answered, and create the basis for holding them accountable for driving excellence in their daily work.

Bottom-line, Annual Re-Orientation is a process that many organizations cannot afford to ignore. If done effectively, the upfront investment in time and money will be quickly recouped in employee engagement, customer loyalty, and internal cost-savings.


Pick 3 Lottery Systems and Pick 3 "Giveaway" Numbers

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Benjamin Franklin is credited with the quote “but in the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes.” Lottery players around the world certainly dream about finding a sure thing other than death and taxes. This tough economic time with the highest unemployment rate that this generation has experienced finds more and more Americans turning to the internet looking for financial help. With weekly advertisements of $100s of Millions of dollars available for having the right numbers for a single one dollar Lottery investment can be the answer to resolve all their economic woes instantly.

Whether they have never played any lottery game before in their life, or have been against playing the lottery based on religious grounds, their current economic crisis to save their home has given reason for many folks to look at the lottery as a potential ray of hope of legally reversing their financial problems. They join lottery players who have been on a perpetual journey to find a way on how to win the lottery. More people than ever before are on the internet looking for some lottery systems or psychics to give them “the winning lottery numbers”.

If there were lottery systems that could provide all these needy folks with an answer to bring them economic relief to their current situation, they would be grateful. Many of the veteran Pick 3 players who have invested over and over again in promising Pick 3 lottery systems that have failed them in the past might sadly advise them not to even bother looking. Some veteran Pick 3 players, who have jaundice views of any new Pick 3 lottery system that comes along based on their past experiences, seem to demand proof and perfection before they would even invest in it. It is this very attitude they share with others in forums, particularly with any potentially new Pick 3 lottery player who is looking for information for the first time.

Even if a Pick 3 lottery system would come to the marketplace and introduce a new concept of a “Giveaway” Number that a Pick 3 System and its strategies could provide, would anyone out there believe in these new possibilities? President Theodore Roosevelt once said “Believe you can and you are halfway there.” It is one thing for doubters to reject something for themselves, but it is another to steal someone else’s hopes and dreams by passing on an opinion about something they have never seen or read. Their negative comments are worthless much like the advice that the blind man whispers into the deaf man’s ear.

If there is a Pick 3 Lottery System available that can indeed provide a way for lottery players or people in need an opportunity to learn a process that does indeed produce “Giveaway numbers”, then everyone should have a chance to try this Pick 3 System. A Giveaway number is any Pick 3 Lottery number that is the result of multiple indicators that suggest and point to it as the next playable potential winning Pick 3 number.

The $500 Pick 3 Jackpot may just be a drop in the bucket for what someone really needs. But one uses the right strategies that can maximize multiple “Giveaway Away” wins over a short period of time, or even allow the lottery player to play the Pick 3 Game for Free by using the monies from a Giveaway number’s win. It at least provides a glimmer of hope in the face of despair. A friend of mine, always in the face of difficulty or doubt, would cling to her favorite saying “Hope springs eternal”. Spring is here, and so let there be hope for those who are in need or the veteran Pick 3 players who would love to see Pick 3 Giveaway numbers join death and taxes as certain things that can be counted on in life according to Mr. Benjamin Franklin, whose portrait is always available on the face of the One Hundred Dollar Bill.


Brando’s The Men – Hollywood’s First Look at Paraplegia

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Hollywood sixty years ago, an actor relatively unknown called Marlon Brando helped Hollywood introducing to the public in general a segment relatively unknown society – paraplegic. The inauguration of the newly arrived in Hollywood, Brando and these new members of the society took place on the big screen in the 1950 film, the men.

men are used to launch the career of Brando’s film but, more important still, lovers of cinema introduced to men, the survivors first injury catastrophic than most people had never heard of injury spinal cord (SCI). In fact, fellow actor and co-star, Richard Erdman (Leo in men) admits to ask a medical SCI leader at the time, Dr Ernest Bors, by Erdman had never heard of a paraplegic – the same role that was going to play. The answer: there were none. At least until the war when medical as Bors, with the discovery of antibiotics, helped maintain spinal cord injured World War II veterans and civilians paraplegic I live already that their life expectancy before the war of eighteen months.

there are countless reviews of the film of men on the Internet and elsewhere; copies of the film are also available.

the film itself takes place in the Hospital in Birmingham in Van Nuys, CA veterans. Interestingly, approximately forty-five real paraplegic patients participate in the film, mostly as extras, but a number with parts talking / acting. Speaking of ‘firsts’, the public movie – going also entered the newly formed veterans organization, the Association of Paralyzed Veterans (PVA). In 1946, paralyzed veterans were organizing what eventually evolved into a national organization, known today as the paralyzed veterans of America, with chapters in ski centres in the VA Birmingham, the Bronx VA, this (Staten Island, NY) Halloran General Hospital, Naval Hospital of St. Albans (Long Island, NY), Veterans Hospital of Hines (Chicago area) , Hospital de veterans McGuire (Richmond, Virginia), Kennedy (Memphis, TN) and Cushing (Framington MA).

in February 1947, delegates of seven existing chapters (Cushing not could finance the trip) gathered in Vaughan of the Hospital Unit of the VA Hines for the first Convention of the Association of paralyzed veterans of America. Pioneer PVA Gilford S. Moss (Vaughan chapter) that he sent a letter asking for the formation of a national organization became the first President of the group. They were also present among PVA ‘Foundation delegates’ Robert Moss (no relation to Gilford, who would continue as the second President of PVA), Donald P. Coleman, Joseph Gusmeroli, George Holmann, Fred Smead, Walter Suchanof, Alex Mihalchyk, Harold Peterson, William Day Jr., Marcus Orr, Kenneth Seaquist, Eldred Beebe, Joseph Gillette, Alfred Gore and Harold Sharper.

the birth of PVA, together with connecting paraplegics from across the country, also served to bring together through the national organization of the Paraplegia news magazine. Each Member of the PVA from New England to Southern California received this monthly newspaper with information primarily from new medical breakthroughs in legislation on the performance of these survivors of the latest battlefield news from other chapters of PVA.

the four main parties paraplegic men were interpreted by actors healthy Brando, Erdman, Jack Webb (Dragnet television fame) and paraplegic Arthur Jurado. Interestingly, men with paraplegic to play the part of paraplegics would be a novel idea, it was held today. Unfortunately, some segments of society still have to wait on ‘the bus back’.

in addition to jury, included patients in hospital who had rolls speak / Act on the company Pat Grissom (himself), Randall Updyke III (Baker), Tom Gillick (fine), Carlo Lewis (Gunderson), Ray Mitchell (Thompson), Pete Simon (Mullin), Paul Peltz (Hopkins), Marshall (Roman) Ball, William Lea, Jr. (Walter), Obie Parker (the viewpoint) and Sam Gilman (uncredited). Bud Woziak (which, according to Turner Movie classics, was used as a model for the character of Brando) joined Ted Anderson, Pat Grissom, Pete Simon and Herbert Wolf as technical advisers for the film.

for those that men have not seen: (Lt. Ken Wilozek ‘Bud’ played by Marlon Brando) boy meets girl (Ellen starring Teresa Wright), boy goes to war, but not before proposing to a girl, Guy has a bullet in the back while on patrol, boy is paralyzed, boy shows up in the Birmingham VA SCI unit still unable to cope with his paralysis a year later , girl waiting for boy to ‘recover’ asks to see it, boy and girl to resume the ritual courtship, boy marries girl and move at your own home, boy and girl have marital problems and returns the child to the hospital to live, child lashes out and fellow patients – PVA councilors – vote to kick his butt out, boy and girl, reconcile and live happily ever… maybe.

the illuminated film lovers of the cinema in 1950 and still have unique educational value. Many of the situations dealt with in the film still apply: adjust to a catastrophic injury, rehabilitation, relationship – or lack of it, camaraderie and veteran helping his fellow veteran and the reality sometimes difficult to return to a society that only recently seems willing to accept its citizens with disabilities. Unless you’re a paraplegic or quadriplegic, with a family member or friend with SCI, or work in the field of rehabilitation, chances are that you will get a lot of understanding of men of vision.

as well as deal with issues more than recently injured paraplegics (and tetraplegic – no distinction in the film) are facing today, what would the men? Although Brando’s character makes his way outside the safe confines of the Birmingham Veterans Hospital and begins a new life in a world not yet ready to receive it, what would the other? We know that Angel (Arthur Jurado character), the super so I was preparing for discharge to reunite with his family, tragically becomes ill and dies. What about the others? In 1950, nobody knew. Many assumed that a cure would no doubt find.

who viewed the men may have gotten the impression that all paraplegics would be rehabilitation – except for those that died of its injuries or an isolated disease – and be discharged in the world which showed character of Brando was not willing to accept them.

the film shows how difficult that was for the first paraplegic to rejoin society. Leave the hospital and go to the ‘real’ world were, without plan or path to follow, an unimaginable challenge, even for the paraplegic in good shape. The tetraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down, sometimes with limited or no use of their hands and arms? Wilozek, at least, was a low level to operate independently – almost – with a few physical obstacles (steps) to be overcome and a loving spouse to support it. Paraplegics and tetraplegics who lived in the Northeast or Midwest? How many barriers as well as steps and cold weather have to overcome? These were the true pioneers – the men who are responsible in uncharted waters and lead the way.

the most ancient battle field of paraplegia survivors were being treated and given treatment in the infancy of this new and challenging area of medicine, in the majority of cases, doctors, nurses and therapists with relatively without prior experience in the field of SCI Paraplegia. It was as new to the hospital staff as their new patients.

a despite the efforts of the Organization recently formed of veterans, including make cars and subsidies for housing for its members, are making progress slow in crucial areas. A cure for SCI was difficult to achieve. Though some paras and quads were fortunate to live in warmer regions of the country which also they were more accessible than those where stairs and cold, often snowy climate, made it extremely difficult. Sitting in a wheelchair staring out the window at a foot of snow with freezing for months it can be quite depressing. Not to mention the fact that, for many young people that it has rehabilitated successfully, once cleared snow and hot climate, where few places to go have no steps. Architectural barriers remained in place for years. Barriers more attitude! The uncomfortable sight of strange characters of Brando experienced in the restaurant scene then were part back common. Human nature? Social change and the ‘acceptance’ came slowly for most disabled citizens. But for wheelchair users, disabled more obviously took more time.

it is not surprising that many paralyzed veterans – especially the more dependent on tetraplegic – rarely came out of the hospital and they never went home. That care you? What happens with aquellos whose families lived on the second floor of a multifamily housing?

a life after SCI for many options were limited. For each type of Bud paraplegic independent Wilocek who lived in Southern California was a sort of Christopher Reeve dependent caregiver quadriplegic trapped in a hospital in Hines veterans in the city of the wind, looking out the window wondering about the future.

twenty years after the release of the men, there were still “settlers”, as some articles discharged and quads referred to them, living in the hospital of Veterans SCI centers – many patients who never were House or ever intended to!

as the PVA continued to evolve, chapters were formed from Puerto Rico – as far from the birthplace of PVA of Chicago’s Hines Veterans Hospital as you could imagine, to serve the many veterans that sacrificed so much in army of Uncle Sam – to Guadalajara, Mexico for the spinal cord many wounded veterans who were willing to ‘dice’ and leave behind the snow cold and looking out the window, wondering.

while many wounded veterans lived his last years wasting away in hospitals will have fears of facing the outside world, a number of the men decided to explore the exotic check out notion here in Mexico that a number of his friends hospital spoke so well of. By the mid-1950s, there were reports and by veterans paraplegic explore and visit places in Mexico. Although most of these early stories appeared in articles Paraplegia News PVA, by word of mouth in hospitals goes and civilian centers from New England to New York to Chicago and Southern California where a steady pipeline of wheelchair users, veteran and non-veteran male and female ones – continued to join the ranks of the desperate or the adventurous enough to bet their future happiness – or lack thereof – in this intriguing ‘ South of the border ‘ option.

in 1964, there were many veterans paraplegic and quadriplegic, now living in the vicinity of the city of Guadalajara that called for national PVA a chapter in Mexico. The chapter of Mexico was going to serve veterans, non-veterinarians and the local community for the next 20 years.

thanks to the presented work and selfless sacrifice of so many paralyzed veterans in the last sixty-five years, paralyzed veterans of America today is an organization of first class service veteran with thirty-four chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico.

for those interested in an entertaining and educational film about the first survivors of catastrophic injury whose cure has eluded the world’s top medical researchers for decades, only want to take another look at the men.


Aromatherapy Therapeutic massage and bath – Its Importance and Well being Rewards

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Aromatherapy is the science that works by using the healing powers of essential oils. Aromatic essential oils are distilled from organic and natural plant sources. These plants create many organic phyto substances. So, essential oils have various therapeutic effects on the intellect, body and spirit.

Therapeutic massage and Aromatherapy go hand in hand. In historical Egypt, fragrant baths were a everyday ritual. This was followed by a therapeutic massage applying fragrant oils produced from cinnamon, rose, cedar wooden, lilies, myrrh and so on. The very last Egyptian queen Cleopatra was popular for unique massages, fragrant baths and perfumes. She lavishly applied perfumes to seduce both of those Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. In people days, aromatherapy therapeutic massage was intended for leisure, pleasant bodily scents, skin conditioning and total healing. They did not have a apparent difference in between perfumery and healing. We now know that an fragrant essential oil therapeutic massage heals by way of the sense of touch and odor.

Importance of Aromatherapy Therapeutic massage

The accurate importance of an aromatherapy therapeutic massage is to wholly harmonize the intellect and the body. Pure and organic essential oils both of those heal and beautify the body, emotions, and the psyche for a truly potent and special sensory expertise. An aromatherapy therapeutic massage is powerful because of to the skill of the essential oil to penetrate the skin levels and tissues. This permits the oil to enter into the blood promptly and spread the therapeutic advantage in the course of the body. The quality of the essential oil will directly impact the extent to which the optimistic overall health effects the oil can be derived.

Aromatherapy therapeutic massage has been recognized currently to play a job in leisure, rehabilitation, and preventive overall health care in western medicine as nicely. These massages are presented as portion of the overall health package in spas, natural beauty clinics resorts and wellness facilities.

Critical oils need to be chosen and applied with care and warning just before offering an aromatherapy therapeutic massage. Critical oils can possibly sedate or encourage the recipient. Most oils are antibacterial and many anti-spasmodic. There are many aromatherapy products available in the current market currently which comprise artificial substances. These do not give any therapeutic overall health benefits and can in actuality trigger adverse reactions.

Well being Rewards for Certain Conditions with Aromatherapy Therapeutic massage

  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Digestive troubles,
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension,
  • Insomnia,
  • Muscle and joint stiffness
  • Lethargy and minimal energy stages

These are some overall health problems that react very nicely to therapeutic massage with essential oils.

For a good Aromatherapy Therapeutic bath, you will need Ian’s Choice Bath Bombs mold available at Amazon.

Is the VA Hybrid a Good Loan For Me?

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many owners are financially tied right now. Economic down turn has captured most of us in some kind of financial difficulties. The hybrid loan the question of whether of VA is a good option to save money is a good.

many veterans receive envelopes or ads offering will streamline loans with rates of 3.0% APR or lower. These rates are offered in hybrid loan VA 3 years or 5 years.

many veterans are reluctant to look at this option for fear of what might happen in the future. This is version of going for an adjustable rate mortgage so the natural fear is that the loan will be adjusted in the future. Think about what the future is a good idea, but the current financial problems can sometimes be higher than future borrowing costs. Current monthly savings could be more important than some future financial risks. It is a simple risk vs reward question that veterans should be themselves.

basically, if you are in financial trouble now and need to save as much money as possible and then the hybrid loan from VA is a great choice. In addition, if you know it’s going to move in the next 3-7 years this loan makes little sense.

is important understand how hybrid will decide if it is the loan that is right for you. Hybrid means precisely that, a mixture. It will had the best fixed rate mortgages and sub-prime adjustable rate (Yes it’s true, there are some very good components of adjustable rate mortgages).

the VA has tried to give so many advantages of adjustable mortgage veterans, limiting the risks. Some of the ways that the loan goes hybrid limited risk to veterans include:

  • the interest rate is fixed and guaranteed for the first 3 or 5 years
  • after the initial fixed period, the rate can only adjust every 12 months (remember that the rate can move up or down, many veterans have enjoyed their rates of adjustment down years)
  • is the index (component that makes that) loan will adjust upward or downward) a very stable slow movement index (1 year CMT)

remember, if you have a loan will always are eligible for the loan of VA Streamline. Some veterans analyze your financial situation and determine that they absolutely need to save money right now, but know that they will maintain their current home long term. The loan goes hybrid can give immediate financial assistance that you need and then at 3 – 7 years can always simplify at a fixed rate if you get nervous about the adjustable feature.

as always, there is a correct answer or incorrect absolute analyzing a loan. The loan goes hybrid could be the best in the world for a veteran and the worst for another. If you are considering a refinance with a hybrid will loan make sure you talk to a loan officer specializing in loans of will that they can help you analyze the pros and cons of all their loan options.


The Silent Generation (aka Veterans) – Most Misunderstood and Underestimated Generation of All Time

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no generation has been so misunderstood and underestimated. This generation brought us civil rights, an unparalleled national wealth of the arts and Commerce and unimaginable advances in science and technology. “Silents” are about 95% at this point was withdrawn. In few years virtually no “Silents” will send an industry, a field of battle, nothing in absolute. Above all has gone well in the shadows. The silent generation also known as “Veterans” (mid-l920s-mid 1940’s) Silentsare 95% retired at this point. In a few years virtually no “Silents” will send an industry, a field of battle, nothing at all. Above all has gone well in the shadows. No generation has been so misunderstood and underestimated. This generation brought us civil rights, an unparalleled national wealth of the arts and Commerce and unimaginable advances in science and technology

three theories about the origin of the “Silent generation” label…

  1. this generation grew up when children “should be seen and not heard.”
  2. the attack on political freedom in the United States by the Committee on UN-American activities in tandem with inquisitions of Senator Joseph McCarthy scared the heck out of them. McCarthy whipped up anti-Communist sentiment to such an extent that it was dangerous to express an opinion anywhere, about anything. People were going to jail for beliefs and affiliations 20 or 30 years before. Freedom of expression was almost dead. People came to be apolitical. Safety deposit box. Silence.
  3. the name silent generation was coined in a 1951 Time magazine cover article to refer to the generation of age at the time. The phrase became even more fashionable after review by the author William Manchester that the members of this generation were “withdrawn, cautious, unimaginative, indifferent, modest and silent.”

4 million Canadians over 65 constitute 13% of the population and 1 million of them, or 3 percent, are over the age of 80.

some features of Silents AT WORK


  • trust
  • privacy compliance
  • faith in institutions
  • respect for authority patience
  • responsibility before pleasure
  • order Social formality


  • consistent
  • detail oriented
  • to complain not mediators and facilitators commitment


  • cannot see “grey” – mostly black and white
  • assume “no news is good news”
  • may sound paternal
  • often complacent when they are in disagreement

some misconceptions about Silents :

media myth: more accidents and diseases . Reality : actually have fewer accidents at work. Insurance claims are no different to that for all workers.

the media myth: cannot learn technology . Reality : Silents are motivated students when performing standing training (respectfully, with low pressure).

the media myth: will not work. reality: many prefer to work beyond retirement, at least part time; change of work still carries a stigma for them.

the media myth: not as productive as younger workers. Reality : surveys continue to report that older workers are every bit as productive as the younger.

the media myth: not so smart as younger workers. Reality : search for psychologists who intelligence remains constant until at least age 70.

some of the results of collisions between Baby Boomers and other generations groups

when a Boomer (mid-1940s until the mid-1960) collides, they think…

  • Dictatorial.
  • inhibited.
  • the technological dinosaurs.

when it collides a GenX (mid-1060s in late 1970), they think…

  • too much in your ways.
  • learn how to use voice mail.
  • you have all the money.

when it collides a GenY (Decade of 1980 to 2000), they think…

  • grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.
  • as, how is that different from pierced ears nose ring? Hello…?
  • learn how to use email. We are all individuals.

there are countless ways that differ in background, personality, values, preferences and style. To make judgments about these differences (i.e., that is better), is illogical and meaningless. However, exploring the generational diversity may help explain – and bridge – the sometimes perplexing differences behind our unspoken attitudes and assumptions on probabilities.

caution : be careful not to reinforce negative stereotypes. The generational differences are initially not a end to the understanding.


The VA Offers Loan Programs For Fixer Upper Homes

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one of the many uniqueness of a VA guaranteed loans is the possibility of buying a House and the use of some of the loan funds to fix it before moving. The other type of loan like this can be permanent financing of construction (also guaranteed by the VA). In other words, the will is in certain circumstances guarantee loans so that you can purchase, and rehabilitation (rehab) a House that needs repair and that you and the lender knew repair prior to closing. You will not find anywhere else.

basically have two loans, one for the initial purchase and a second or supplementary loan for rehabilitation work. The first loan will surely require home evaluate and pass inspection, even in its State beaten up. In other words, the sink must have running water and you need the oven heat. You must coordinate the purchase and rehabilitation with care with not only your lender but also with an appraiser licensed before making any commitment. While this adds a level of complexity that is not normally found in residential mortgage loans, note that the Government of the United States is about to return the price with a guarantee. Go ahead!

some standards key

is important for you to know about some of the fundamental rules established by the VA for this type of agreement. The titles below have been changed to help the reader and not all rules are restated here only those who seem to be high-profile.

a. VA can guarantee a loan modification and repair

or a residence owned by the veteran already occupies a House, or

or in conjunction with a loan for purchase of the property.

B. alterations and repairs should be that normally found in similar property of comparable value in the community

C. The cost of modifications and repairs of structures may be included in a loan for the purchase of the improved property where its value is compatible with the amount of the loan.

D. a supplemental loan is a loan modification, improvement or repair of a residential property. The residential property must have

or secure a guaranteed loan of will and

or be owned and occupied by the veteran or the veteran dealing with the termination of major alterations, repairs or improvements.

e. modifications, improvements or repairs must be

or be to effects substantially protect or improve basic habitability or the utility of the property and

or restricted primarily for maintenance, replacement, improvement or acquisition of real estate, including accessories.

F the. installation of features such as grills, swimming pools, etc., does not meet this requirement.

g. not more than 30 per cent of the loan proceeds can be used for maintenance, replacement, improvement, repair or purchase of nonfixtures or quasi-accessories such as refrigeration, cooking, washing and heating equipment, and the equipment must be related to or complement the main alteration so that the loan is proposed

H. A supplemental loan requires the prior approval of VA if

or the loan will be for a lender other than the holder of the obligation secured today

or the loan is to be made by a lender who has no authority to close loans automatically, or

a force responsible for currently outstanding obligation shall be released of personal responsibility by operation of law or otherwise

If this type of arrangement sounds attractive, submit your application to its official loan and carefully walk through a dress rehearsal with all stakeholders including an appraiser and a home inspector that are licensed and know what they are doing. This is another of the many ways to convert its loan guarantee of going for a ticket with the highest net value. It is one of the ways to get more bang for your buck.

warning: this is a view of the author and should not be trusted as a substitute for any advice from your lender who will be the final arbiter of all discussed here.

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