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All You Need to Know About Gold

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We admire and desire gold, there is definitely no doubt about this. But, we do not know much about it. Furthermore, what we do understand is quite little. Read the mentioned facts below and be honest with yourself when asking just how a lot of those you already knew.

1. All seven continents have golden buried under their crusts.

2. The creation of gold is minimum. Since ancient days, more metal is generated per hour than golden.

3. The melting point of gold is currently 1064.43 centigrade.

4. Gold never rusts, as it is inert.

5. It’s thought that a large part of the planet’s gold (nearly 80 percent ) is still buried underground.

6. According to a medical research in France performed through the twentieth century, the stone is an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Gold is edible, and is put into fruit, jelly snacks, coffee, and tea at certain Asian countries. Even Europeans are proven to place gold leaf in bottles of spirits.

8. John Deason and Richard Oates of Australia found the biggest nugget of gold in 1869. The nugget weighed against 2248 ounces of gold and has been 10 by 25 inches. The most funny thing is it was found only two inches under the ground’s surface.

9. Because of gold being inert, it doesn’t induce skin irritations. You should remember this, and when your gold jewellery induces skin irritations, then it is probably not pure gold.


10. Olympic gold medals are not pure gold. They used to be, until 1912.

11. According to a Greek myth, gold proved to be a dense mixture of water and sunlight.

12. King Ferdinand of Spain triggered an unending saying in 1511,”Get gold humanely if possible, but at all risks get gold.”

13. Gold and Gold were the very first metals to be found by men at 5000BC.

14. What’s harder to locate: a one-ounce golden nugget or a five-carat diamond? A one-ounce gold nugget is harder to find.

15. In every cubic mile of seawater, you’ll find 25 tons of gold. You’ll find 10 billion tons of gold from the oceans.

16. Only 88000 lots of gold have been mined from the ground since records were stored.

17. It is more difficult to acquire a major state lottery than it is to seek out gold.

18. A carat was actually a unit of weight based on the carob bean, and used by Middle East’s ancient retailers.

19. The carat is still employed as a measure of weight for diamonds.

20. The Egyptian civilizations were the first to utilize gold for jewelry.

21. Most cell phones, computers, calculators, television, and other electronic items include gold.

22. Gold is the only valuable metal that’s yellow or golden in color.

23. 90% of the gold was found in the planet’s surface in mountains, deserts, tropical climates, and Arctic areas.

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Usefulness of Bath Bombs

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If you’re the shower and then go kind of person then you might not observe the usage of bath bombs. Once dropped in water that the baking soda effervesces thus the title “toilet bomb”. The applications of these goods are mostly to unwind and pamper yourself. You have to have encounter bathroom sets that have bath gel, cream along with other goodies such as candles and little tub beads in one. All these are to take your own showering ritual a notch. The usage of those products is a sort of odor treatment based on the sort of essential oil used in the toilet bomb.

There are lots of out there that like to pamper also a Sunday night tub with these goods, candles and rose petals. That is just what’s going to find a man all revived and prepared to deal with the forthcoming week.

Bath bombs also have health benefits also. Epsom salt and baking soda helps the body neutralize, releasing all of the toxins from your system while at the same time relieving muscle strain and relieving strain. The essential oil from the bath bomb may renew and rejuvenate you along with a mixture of aromas such as lavender, lavender and lavender is very soothing and stimulating to the senses along with the human body.

If you’re feeling creative then you may want to create your own. They’re simple to create and just require some basic household items and also a few brilliant add-ons like blossom colours and glitter. Do not utilize that mush bleach as synthetic dyes can damage skin and bath bathtub.

Mix all of the ingredients with a very small bit of water and then form them from the molds. Don’t use a mould with nice detailing otherwise the mix will simply crumble when it’s the right time to unmold. You may even add different goodies such as vitamin E, rosewater or even powder. Rose water besides using an wonderful scent also has properties that your skin will thank you.

Thus, to answer these skeptics who believe bath bombs and bath salts are a waste along with a shampoo and wash is all of the body wants, feel again. Water itself has excellent soothing qualities, only consider what these additional add-ons for can do to help your own well-being and entire body!

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I Started Working for a Tree Service

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I do not do the scary part, obviously that requires you to know what you are doing and they are not going to let a teenager do tree pruning in Long Island unless they think that they can afford to get me bonded. Obviously the profits go down the drain if you go around busting up cars and breaking the windows on houses. It does you no good to pay some guy to climb up a tree with a chain saw if the guy does not know how to come back down the slow way. The big thing on my job is to not get hit by falling tree limbs or chunks of logs from tree trunks. In fact that is a really big thing, and instead the big thing I do is to try to minimize the damage that occurs when a huge log falls from fifty feet up in the air. Continue reading

A Turn-Key Product Launch Email Sequence

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Product launch campaigns are extremely effective at building excitement and ultimately boosting sales during your launch. New and even veteran marketers often feel overwhelmed with planning a launch, but this tested email sequence will help you succeed with your launch.

You can use this for a product you’ve created – or you can use it for a product you’re planning to create live. If you’re planning to teach live, you can adapt your product as you get feedback during the launch. Even if you’ve already created the product, plan to record a bonus session if you get feedback during the launch – that way you know your product is keyed exactly to what your subscribers want.

Remember, once you’ve taught your live class series, you can turn the recordings into a product. Go back and edit your launch campaign to remove references to the live class, then put it in your autoresponder sequence to create an autopilot, evergreen launch.

Here’s the email sequence outline:

Preselling Email #1: Preselling email

Title this email “What are you struggling with?” and include a few sentences asking your prospect what they’re struggling with in your niche. Something like “What’s your biggest goal in XYZ? What are the 3 biggest things holding you back?” is a good question. Invite your subscribers to hit “reply” and let you know their thoughts. A personal reply is a good idea to build rapport.

Preselling Email #2: Here are the answers to yesterday’s questions…

Highlight a few of the challenges you received yesterday (you’ll probably notice the same big ones came up in many of the replies) and give a brief suggestion for each.

Preselling Email #3: How would it feel to XYZ…

Ask your prospect how it would feel to achieve the results they’ll achieve when they go through your product. For example: “how would it feel to know you could take your dog for a walk without having to worry about her jerking endlessly on the leash?” or “how would it feel to have a real, open conversation about what’s going on in your teenager’s heart?” These questions stir your prospect’s imagination and make them hungry for that result.

Sales Email #1: Here is my brand new XYZ training program (or class, etc.)

This is your main launch email, and it can be a simple paragraph stating you’ve released your product, or opened enrollment for your training program / class series. You can make the hyperlink to the product the same as the headline on your sales page.

Sales Email #2: Q&A About (Product Name)

You’ll likely receive questions about your new product – so you can answer the top 3-4 in this email. Open with “To everyone who has purchased (Product Name), congratulations. I’ve received some questions about the new training (class, etc.):” and list the questions. Be sure to link back to the sales page a few times!

Sales Email #3: Here’s what you get with the new XYZ training program

List out what your prospect gets in the program. Bullet points about the program fit well here – you can pull them off of your sales letter. You can swap Sales Email #2 and #3 if that seems to fit your sequence better.

Sales Email #4: What are you going to miss out on?

Point out something they may miss out on if they don’t sign up for your training now. It can be bonuses, but it’s good to highlight some results they won’t get.

Sales Email #5: Your final chance to get into this program live

If you’re teaching a live program, this email is very effective at getting fence-sitters to buy!

Sales Email #6: The training program was amazing, here’s what you missed:

Send this email the day after the first live session of your training program. You can actually send a recording of the first session along with a message letting them know if they want the next 5 weeks (or whatever the amount is), they can sign up – let them know this is the last opportunity they’ll be able to slip under the table and get in.

Sales Email #7: Final chance to get into the live training with me

Send this “last call” email the day before you run the second session of your live training.

After this one, go back and adapt the presell and initial sales emails for the evergreen product and slot it into your campaign. Future customers will get the campaign and be able to purchase the recordings from you.

Using this sequence generates excitement in your subscribers and results for your launch. Don’t let the launch sequence stop you – outline your training and write your first prelaunch email today and you can use this sequence to guide the rest of your successful product launch.


Suicide is Far More Dangerous Than You Think

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Suicide carries with it a profound series of serious consequences, which often changes the lives of everyone around that person. We all know those drastic effects. What is often overlooked or chalked up to being a sad occurrence, are the pre-suicidal circumstances, which actually increase suicide rates, and probability of, that disaster. Suicide prevention is the goal of thousands of professionals when a depressed patient makes the issue recognizable.

But, what happens to the large numbers of suicidal candidates who show no suicide warning signs nor openly communicate their deepest thoughts of suicide? Certainly, not all depressed people contemplate taking their own life, at least won’t admit it. Wedged in between the person who is depressed and their choice of death by suicide by that person is a trigger of some type that changes the thought of suicide into a planned commitment.

The danger related to suicide that can and will increase suicide risk can be anything that may be intentional or unintentional and words or actions by others, even lack of supportive remedies. Medications may reduce the tone of the dilemma but may not actually alter the decision about suicide at the time it’s made. It must be the greatest frustration for all mental health providers when they try to alter the course of events and fail.

One dangerous and destructive facet of efforts for suicide prevention that increases the risk of suicide is the perception that a suicidal person is not only dangerous to themselves, but also dangerous to others around them. As a result, a potentially suicidal patient, as determined by a psychiatrist or other qualified mental health professional, becomes a victim instead of a patient.

Just imagine a situation where a person truly is suicidal and surrounded by those who want to help. But, instead, those standing there see the person as a highly potential homicidal person to be reckoned with. This happens in reality to American military veterans being treated for mental illness of one type or another by the Veterans Administration physicians. In fact, when the civilian armed police (usually four) show up at the VA mental health clinic, they are quick to quote the legal statutes that mandate their action.

How would that make you feel if you were being treated for depression at the VA mental health clinic, went there for help one day, then were physically forced into a lockup institution immediately for a minimum of three days, with the doctor’s option to keep you for many more days? Most veterans probably never heard of that law, nor understood that they could be physically confined involuntarily to a psychiatric facility. Most understand that it occurs with alcoholics and drug addicts commonly known to harm others, but to suicidal patients bent on harming only themselves…….incredibly cruel punishment.

Mind you, this unlucky individual was not armed nor threatening anyone. He just needed counseling. The three keywords that trigger this confinement are those elicited during the scripted questions psychiatrists ask depressed patients to screen them, like these:

1. Do you have a weapon at home? Yes (Who doesn’t-a knife in the kitchen drawer, the rifle your uncle gave you for hunting, a rope in the shed for hanging, etc.)

2. Have you thoughts about suicide? Yes (depressed patients intermittently think about suicide off and on for years, depending on the depth of their depression.)

3. Have you planned how you would commit suicide? Yes (Your answer would reveal which method you would use if it ever came to that—most probably have thought of it)

Answering these three questions with three “Yes’s” will get the veteran involuntarily confined. Many extraneous factors influence the psychiatrists decision about that person, which are often enough to avoid triggering the confinement-but are totally disregarded intentionally, are not considered at all, are not going to change the mind of the psychiatrist no matter what, and are indicative of a second rate physician who barely made it through medical school.

Take that depressed person suddenly into lockup, and it results is additional significant increased mental trauma, which exaggerates the depression and increases suicidal risk. Anyone who has a brain must understand it happens in every single person treated in the same manner to some degree.

What are the additional traumatic conditions added by confinement:

a. Isolation-no friends, patients there keep to themselves, rare staff attention, lack of family support and attention, controlled phone calls outside.

b. Controlled environment-complete loss of self-esteem, hopelessness, boredom, group counseling usually about a topic not pertinent to the patient’s situation.

c. Physical disintegration-loss of appetite, decreased care about cleanliness, reduction of physical activity with sleep used as an escape.

d. Incompetent staff-especially psychiatric social workers who are making decisions and diagnoses far above their competency and training. They are the cause of many patients being kept well over the usual three days—for extra counseling this staffer has decided the patient needs because patients are sicker than everyone else can see.

e. Mental confusion-forget time and date, concern about what family will think and how they’ll treat them later, increases the isolation feeling, future worries about what this episode will do to jobs, life pattern, and medical treatment.

f. Increased desire for suicide-all of the above increase the desire to escape life and treatments, elicits fear of ever going back to the VA clinic for mental help for fear that it could happen again, have disappointed family and deserve punishment, worthlessness becomes supreme.

This patient, once confined, is now permanently labeled by the VA as a violent person on the records, even if they have never performed a violent action in their life. Any history of combat experience makes it easier to label him or her.

This experience of confinement suddenly by police action insures that the veteran will need to do certain things to protect themselves, like, lie to the psychiatrist or psychologist, give up on any mental health help from the VA, alert all the other vets about the trickery.

This is the system in force now. It may be a wakeup call for other agencies who treat depression, and function in a suicide prevention format.


How to Breed Ball Pythons

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The goal of this article is to increase your chances of success at breeding ball pythons. I’ll lay out some quick and easy tips that’ll help you on your road to success in breeding these awesome animals.

Correct Sex – Insure your animals are properly sexed, and you do in fact have a male and female. There are two ways to determine the sex of a ball python one is by “popping” and the other is by “probing.” In my opinion popping is the easier method between the two, it doesn’t require any tools and there’s no danger or harm to the animal. To probe a ball python requires you to insert a metal probe backwards towards the tail into the left or right side of the cloaca. Once the probe is inserted you take a scale count to determine the sex of the animal. Males usually probe pretty deep around 8 or more subcaudal scales and females will probe around 2-4 subcaudal scales. I’ll cover more detailed instructions on how to determine the sex of your snake in another article, if for whatever reason you’re not confident in determining the sex of your animals find a qualified reptile veterinarian in your area for assistance.

Sexual Maturity – Males and females become sexually mature at different ages and weighs. Sexual maturity in ball pythons seems to be more determined by weight rather than age of the animal although age most definitely plays a role in sexual maturity. Females typically mature around two-three years of age and 1200-1500grams of weight, some may mature a little quicker or a little later but the gross majority will mature in this age and weight range. Males mature much quicker than females and usually mature between 6 months – 1 year of age although I’ve have a few young males breed as early as twelve weeks old! Breeding weight for males ranges in the area of 400grams for the little guys up to 800 or more grams for the larger first time breeders.

Seasonal Change and Temperature Drop – In the wild ball pythons are seasonal animals and typically breed between October and December in the rainy season, with egg laying season being around March and April. Baby ball pythons begin to hatch and take their first meals after the rainy season when prey items are abundant. Now in captivity, they can be breed year around, but having some seasonal change and temperature drop does increase your chances at having maximum production. I like to start gradually dropping my temps in November a degree or two every week until I reach my peek temperature drop of 5-7 degrees lower at night from my daytime high temperatures which in the off season are 85-87 degrees. In the breeding season I work my way down to 80degrees for a night time low on the hottest side of the tub for three or four months and then work my way back up to my off season temperatures of 85-87degrees.

Pairing them up for Breeding – Once you’re determined you do in fact have a male and female and they are in the age and weight of sexual maturity it’s time to start pairing these animals up for breeding. I introduce my males into my female’s tubs and not the other way around because female ball pythons put out lots of pheromones during the breeding season and these pheromones are great at signaling male ball pythons that it’s time for breeding. Once I introduce the male to the female I leave the pair uninterrupted for 24 hours after which I check to see if they are actively breeding, if they are I give them another 24 hours, if they’re not I move the male to the next female’s tub and start the process over. Once the male has successfully copulated with a female I offer him a small meal which is usually a small rat and 48 hours rest. Once he’s well rested I repeat the process. I continue this process of pairing up my males with females until the females have either ovulated or it’s clear that they are not going to produce for the season.

Ovulation – Being able to correctly identify a female ball python ovulating is extremely useful when breeding for maximum production. Here are a couple of quick tips to help you identify an active ovulation and a female that has already ovulated.

Identifying an Active Ovulation – A female ball python that is actively ovulating will have a very noticeable swell to the lower 3rdportion of her body; she may even appear to have just eaten a large meal. You’ll also notice her tail is sucked in to her body in an awkward “L” shape. That classic position is known as the “Suck” to veteran ball python breeders and it’s a great indicator that the female is in the process of ovulating.

Ovulation has occurred – If you happen to miss the active ovulation, all isn’t lost, and you can still tell if your female ball python has ovulated by uses these quick tips. First off, simply watch her over the course of a couple days and see where she spends the majority of her time. Is it on the cool end of the tub or hot end? If it’s on the hot end of the tub then chances are your female has already ovulated and no longer needs to be bred. If she’s still seeking the colder end of the tub and wrapping the bowl then chances are pretty good that your female hasn’t ovulated and she still needs to be bred.

Egg Laying and Incubation – After ovulation your female ball python no longer needs to be paired up with a male and you can start setting up the incubator and making arrangements for the ball python hatchlings. Right around three weeks after ovulation she’ll go into a shed cycle known to veteran breeders as the “POS” which stands for “post ovulation shed.” Following the “POS” you’re looking at around 30-40 days until your female lays a clutch of eggs.


Helped to Get My Niece into the Game

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I used Virtual Families 2 cheats to get my young niece into playing the game, and it worked like a charm. I’ve been playing the game for some time, and really enjoy it. Of course, I like these types of games where the play stretches out over months or years and you’ve got a lot of tasks to take care of as the game unfolds. When my niece needed a place to stay when her Mom had to go out of town for a couple of months due to work, I thought I would see if she would like to play it.

She’s fairly young and doesn’t do a lot of game playing, but I thought I could win her over. She sniffed at some of the other games I play, but did take some interest in Virtual Families 2. Continue reading

Story of Stuff Or Story of Lies

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Recently I had to watch “The Story of Stuff” for my English class at university. With such alarming facts and numbers Anne Leonard throws out there, the typical response is to feel guilty. However, as I watched I just kept thinking, “This is nonsense, yeah right, and what is her point?” With such sketchy sounding facts I decided to do some research on what she said, this is what I found.

According to the Story of Stuff, “It’s the government’s job to take care of us.” However, the document that lays out the government’s job, our constitution, makes no mention of “taking care of us.” As a matter of fact, amendment IX states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” Since it is not the government’s power, nor the state’s power, it is our on responsibility to “take care of” ourself. While petty, it just shows that right from the beginning of Anne’s rant, that she is incapable of expressing the truth, and instead chooses to display she has a socialistic agenda.

She also goes on to state that 50% of our federal tax money goes to the military. By grouping some departments together and counting them as military in nature one could come up with that number, but out of that 50% stat, 18% of it goes to veteran support. Veterans are hardly actively engaged in our current military. While she can call herself honest with this, she intentionally refuses to break down the number because it will show the truth behind “the truth.”

Anne Leonard also said, “”Of the top 100 economies in the world, 51 are corporations.” Well there are 195 countries on the planet, and economies are measured by the gross domestic product. The GDP is made of sales in which the company is based in the country in which the GDP is being measured. When calculating the GDP imports are subtracted because it is a foreign supply. Along with that the goods sold under the table are not counted, and would account for millions of dollars additional brought into the economy. Out of the 195 countries, not all participate in wealth building. Economies such as the Solomon Islands and portions of New Guinea participate in what is called the subsistence economy, in which the produce exactly what is needed to survive and nothing more. Concluding that up, not all countries participate in the wealth building processes needed to actually have a measurable GDP, and the GDP does not include all sales. However when a company measures sales, every sale is counted. As a matter of fact, there are 40,000 corporations that deal internationally. Local or international sales are included for them, with countries only national sales are counted. So it is just common sense that companies could make up a lot of the world economy. They are measured differently and are more abundant. There are 195 countries compared to 40,000 international corporations. What does Anne expect? The number she provided of 51 top economies being corporations ma be true, but it again does not break down the numbers and the economies for each group is measured differently, so the number is misleading.

“We have less than 4% of our original forests left.” The United States has about 2,282,510,106 acres of land (numbers range according to who is measuring). So for simplification I will say that all 2,282,510,106 acres is covered in trees (even though we all know is never been that way, the west is grasslands, there are mountains…). 4% of 2,282,510,106 is roughly 91 million. According to the North American Forest Commission there are 747 million acres of forested land. So Anne says that the number is less than 91 million acres, but yet the forest commission says 747 million acres. Seems like someone is lying. I am going to go with the official commission over the already proven deceptive Miss Leonard.

“40% of the waterways have become undrinkable.” First of all, we do not drink from our waterways. The average American does not just go up to a river, dip their head in and drink. We get our drinking water from reserves, not waterways. We purify and treat out water before retail or distribution, so Miss Leonard’s statement is misleading.

“We have 5% of the world’s Population, but we’re using 30% of the worlds Resources” This is a “what is her point” moment. For example, we consume 25% of the energy, however 2 billion people in the world do not even have electricity. Our measly 5% also makes up 22% of the world GDP. We make more of it, we use more of it. Not all economies and societies are even using the resources, so the number is again misleading. Common sense.

“75% of Global fisheries are fished at or beyond capacity” Fisheries are simply fish farms. When we farm anything we harvest it all at the end of the season. To say we harvest our farm to the maximum capacity is again common sense. By her saying this, she is trying to give the impression that we overfish 75% of our water, when that is not the case. We fish our farms to its capacity, just as we harvest our farms to their’s. Misleading.

“80% of the world’s original forests are gone.” She is using her lie of the American deforrestation number included in this fact, so she is just compounding her smaller lie into a larger lie. Notice she also does not give a starting point. “Original?” Starting from when? Compared to the ice age, one could say we have hundreds of percents more forest than we “originally” had.

“Two U.N. studies and even [ecologist Norman] Myers agree closely in their estimates of the Brazilian deforestation rate – between 0.0025 and 0.004 percent per year…[so] even Lovejoy’s “low” assumption would be perhaps 10 times too high.” The lie of rainforest deforestaion being a football field every…, has been proven a lie, but yet it continues to be repeated by others like Anne.

“There are over 100,000 synthetic Chemicals in use in commerce today” She says this as if synthetic chemicals are a bad thing. These synthetic chemicals are used in food, products, medicine… and coincidentally our life span is at all time highs. These chemicals are a large reason why. Just because something is synthetic does not make it bad.

…”or tested for Synergistic Effects” There would be billions of different permutations, and then when different concentrations of each is added, the number of tests needed would literally be in infinity.

“You know what has the highest number of contaminants of any food? Human breast milk.” And yet study after study shows breast milk is best for a new born. Also not all contaminants are harmful. We have levels of arsenic in us as well, a presence of a material does not mean it is harmful. Every substance can be considered poisonous depending on the concentration. The “contaminants” are not at harmful levels. Remember, we can die from water poison, does that count as a contaminant too?

She shows the happiness index going down from WWII, but yet the index was not created until 1972, and debate goes on today about how to accurately measure such a subjective variable. So again, she was lying.

BFR’s are chemically bonded to the computer hardware and can not be breathed in, inhaled, or enter your body unless you literally start eating computer pieces. So what was her point that we use them in computers? Just because something is used, does not mean it harms us. Also BFR’s have failed to be proven dangerous at the concentrations they are used in commercial products. Anne keeps saying corporations are greedy this and that, but she never uses common sense. If a coorporation uses chemicals to kill their consumers, then they have no one to sell their stuff to and would not be able to make money.

This is all I am adding for now. The Story of Stuff is full of lies, deceptions, and misleading statements. Anne Leonard shows she can not display common sense to her argument, but yet teachers around the country show her video to her students while failing to actually research her claims, and never opening up the class for debate.


Is It Offensive for Non-Scots to Wear Kilts?

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Kilts are associated with Scottish and Irish heritage and have a long tradition as a part of Celtic culture. For Irish and Scottish gents, kilts can be a way to show off pride for their nationalities, and that leads to an important question–is it offensive for non-Scots to wear a kilt?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer. To determine whether it’s a good idea or not, consider the following:

– The Kilt Style.

The plaid patterns of tartan kilts are often associated with heraldry. Scottish and Irish families often have a tartan pattern that is considered to be theirs. If someone from one of those families were to see you wearing their tartan, they may take offense, especially if you’re a stranger and not a Scot or Irishman at all. It is also generally considered to be poor taste to wear a Scottish or Irish military kilt if you are not a service member or veteran or to wear an organization’s tartan if you are not a member. If you want to steer clear of tartans entirely, there are still many other types of kilts that you can choose from. Contemporary, utility and hybrid kilts are all great choices for guys who aren’t Scots.

– The Occasion.

If you’re at a highland games, a Celtic or Scottish festival or a wedding where the gentlemen will be wearing kilts, you can easily sport a kilt without offending anyone; however, if you’re attending a Halloween party or a fancy dress party, someone who is Scottish might find a kilt worn as a costume to be offensive and disrespectful of their heritage. Wearing a kilt everyday for work or to a club will typically not be construed as offensive.

– The Context.

Even though you are unlikely to offend anyone by wearing a kilt that isn’t associated with heraldry, military service or an organization, how you behave in a kilt could be offensive, and not just to Scots. Make sure that you remember to keep your legs closed when you’re wearing a kilt and to be modest. That rule applies to Scots, too!

– How You Wear It.

Another important thing to consider when you’re planning to wear a kilt and you’re not a Scot is the fit. A kilt that doesn’t fit well and is too short and tight or too baggy or sloppy might look like you are mocking Scotsmen. That’s why it’s best to choose a kilt that fits well. Better yet, have a kilt made especially to your specifications, so that you’re guaranteed you will look your best in it.


World Oil Deals – Are Fortunes Made As Intermediary in Oil and Petroleum Trade Deals?

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We call this the ‘get rich quick’ or ‘get rich overnight’ ethic or mentality. That is, the notion and thinking that just the mere involvement of one in the petroleum trading business, whether as a dealer or a broker, agent or other intermediary role, will almost automatically guarantee one a millionaire, in deed, a multimillionaire, station in life, and almost in no time at all! That is an ethic and mentality that has pervaded the common mindset and psychic of the average intermediary involved, or contemplating involvement, in the business today, and has been even particularly more heightened since the modern era of the Internet trading. In a word, it is a mentality that says that world oil deals and the petroleum trading are a business that is awash in wealth and fortunes and easily guarantees the intermediary who gets involved in it in any capacity at all, but in particular as an agent or intermediary of some sort, that, as one analyst put it, “you are going to be super rich next week or next month” by doing so.

Historically, in the past, over a period of several decades (and beyond), there has almost always been a sizable number of what could be called “professional middlemen” who operated in the oil and other commodity “secondary market” trading industries who are primarily but genuinely driven by the belief or inner conviction that working as an intermediary in the industry is a reasonable path to honest living which, if not leading one to an instant wealth, then at least to a reasonable means of livelihood and steady economic progress and well-being.

In more recent times, however, since the advent of the Internet and its increasing role as the dominant and preferred tool for conducting business among intermediaries, there has gradually shifted and developed, in stead, over the years, a “new breed” of intermediaries and middlemen (brokers, agents, etc) in the trade. Often given to far less education, training or apprenticeship in the trade than the previous pre-Internet generation of intermediaries, and usually having vastly less knowledge and experience in the art of international trading because of the greater ease of entry into the business afforded them by the Internet, as a group this “new breed” of post-Internet intermediaries and middlemen are generally less shackled by the normal moral code or ethics and decorum, and are more greedy and in a greater hurry to “strike it big and fast” by merely working as an intermediary. And, just as importantly, they’re in a greater hurry to clinch that elusive, dubious get-rich-quick ambition by any means whatsoever, including the scamming of unsuspecting or gullible international crude buyers, as such scheme is aided and made easier for them by the Internet and the easier cover of anonymity that it provides them.

In deed, as many knowledgeable observers and respected analysts of the industry have noted, the get-rich-quick greed and mentality have, in these hard global economic times of today (mid 2012), reached an even new, particularly frenzied high, as many crooks, scammers and fraudsters with actually no real crude oil to sell, have now trooped into the international crude oil selling business in unprecedented numbers, seeing that arena as a fertile ground for them in attaining their dubious ambition of “striking it big and fast.”

Robert McAngus (among many others), the Managing Partner/CEO for the Robert McAngus Group, has noted, with great lamentation, that phenomenon. In a 2004 article, McAngus voiced a rather ringing alarm at the escalated, often grossly unrealistic, divorced-from-reality kind of the commission fees being demanded, or expected, in recent times by brokers and intermediaries in the petroleum trading.

According to McAngus:

“Over the past few years, I have seen the fees charged to a possible transaction spiral upward in some cases reaching the astronomic heights of $30 USD per metric ton to be divided 50/50 between the buy side and the sell side. For God sake! Get a life! Or at least do the mathematics, on a simple 100,000 metric ton transaction using the figures I have quoted, that’s $30,000,000.”

McAngus continues, asking: “Please explain how we, as the buyers, are supposed to justify that amount of money to the bank at which we have our lines of credit, and perhaps if I have a reader at this point they can explain what the broker did to earn this amazing sum of money… I have no idea where the idea that fees of this magnitude are paid to brokers in an oil transaction [came from], or for that matter who in the transaction is going to pay them, certainly not me as the buyer!.”

A salient aspect of this common notion and thinking is that to attain this high financial status of instant wealth in the business, you need not necessarily have to work hard or to be trained or particularly experienced in and knowledgeable about, it, but can attain it by this doing basically nothing – other than, perhaps, just shoving around a few copied or bogus false oil trade deals documents on the Internet usually passed down to the particular intermediary from other fellow equally uninformed brokers and intermediaries.


The principal question, of course, is: How true or real or not is this general thinking, if any? Are fortunes made as intermediary in petroleum and oil trade deals? We shall address this issue pretty soon. But, first of all, let us address the general nature of this thinking, and its general genesis or origins.


There might, of course, have been some other significant relevant factors and influences to which the origins and genesis of this present-day phenomenon of get-rich-quick mentality in oil deals could be attributable. But, for our purposes here, suffice it simply to say that, based upon this writer’s own extensive research on the subject, there seems to be one dominant intellectual factor, above all, which has significantly influenced and aided a great many among the current breed of Internet brokers and intermediaries in formulating this conception of the nature of the oil trading business, and of the above-described current mentality of greed and get-rich-quick mythology that is widely prevalent among these players about the oil business.

And what is that factor?

Somewhat incredibly, that factor seems to be one rather obscure e-book rather appropriately titled “How to Earn $Millions in Oil Deal.” Its author is Mr. Sam Igwe, who goes by the alias Sam Nelson, said to be an operator of an oil consulting service since 2003. Credible research shows that an early, cheap, but powerful and influential Internet promoter and preacher of the gospel of the quickie-and-easy-wealth-from-service-as-a-petroleum-deal-agent, is this simple publication by Mr. Sam Igwe, alias Sam Nelson – titled “How to Earn $Millions in Oil Deal.”

D. The Basic Doctrine of “get rich-quick-with-no-work-or-effort” of the Nelson Publication

In point of fact, Sam Nelson’s “How to Earn $Millions in Oil Deal” publication lives absolutely up to the billing of its title as an ardent gospel that fervently preaches what the title denotes!

Though nominally stating at the outset that the book is “not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ book,” the book promptly asserts that “If you are searching for a sure, fast and genuine way to earn fast, steady, honest living and how to become a millionaire, I bet, this is the right book [for you].” The publication proclaims itself to be “the clear path to financial freedom,” it declares its prime mission as being to teach the reader “the long-held secrets of how to work smart and become a big-time Agent, millionaire within few months,” and asserts that it “is intended to open the eyes and minds of the readers to join the team of the big players in crude oil business.”

Regarding the amount of money the average intermediary agent or “facilitator” is to expect, Nelson asserts,

“• Do you know you can become an Oil Deal Facilitator and EARN Millions of dollars within few months? • Do you know you can become a Buyer’s or Seller’s Agent? • Do you know you can EARN $1,000,000 – $2,000,000 just for successfully closing one Oil deal within few months?” He adds that you can “induct yourself into the Millionaires Club!,” that you “can change your life forever by becoming an Oil Deal Facilitator and earn up to ($2,000,000) two million dollars within few months… [with only] a phone and an Internet access, your only investment is just this step-by-step (Manual).”

Nelson sums up his “attain super wealth overnight” doctrine this way:

“There are millions of barrels of Crude Oil being sold daily around the world. You can close a deal in any part of the world. Just a click of your mouse and few phone calls plus extra smart work… you can earn Millions of dollars in just few months by successfully closing one Oil Deal working in the comfort of your home as a facilitator. These secrets have not been made public because the participants do not want the public to learn their game. These oil deal giants have been very privileged to learn the game and have constantly made people feel that one has to be a millionaire before he/she can participate. This is not true.”

E. No Work, No Education or Skills Required!

And is there any amount of work or efforts that it will take for the agent to master this business and make a success of it, or to earn all that money? Is there any education, skills, knowledge, investment and experience that this will take or require? Nelson’s answer to these questions is, basically, practically little to none of that. According to Nelson, “This is Easy and Simple! Just from your dinning table you will work at your own pace and make millions of dollar within few months. There is no hidden cost. No huge investment. No upfront fees. (WE MEAN ‘NO FEES UPFRONT’).”


And now we get back to this central but critical question: How true or real is this general thinking, if any at all? Basically, the question is, are fortunes made as intermediary in petroleum trade deals, in fact?

In point of fact, if we were to put it simply in a word, probably the most fundamental and truest thing that could be said about the above-sketched doctrine of “get rich quick with no work or efforts” for the oil trader or intermediary, is simply that that doctrine is completely and patently false and misleading, and is at variance with, and directly contradictory to, the whole TRUTH and actual REALITY about the business! It is that the above-prescribed thinking is patently contradicted by the well-established, tried-and-proven trading doctrine and thinking that has long been preached, practiced and successfully used by mainstream traders and the most respected and most successful experts and practitioners of trading for generations in the industry!


Sure, decent money, or, in deed, even high incomes could still be made, and continue to be made, by many persons working as an intermediary in the business today, and a good number of intermediaries still close oil trade deals that are lucrative. But that’s ONLY by someone, however, who shall have already “paid his dues” in the industry before hand, before he (she) can possibly attain such success and such income working in the business – in terms of having acquired the requisite education and training, of being skilled and knowledgeable in the fundamentals of the trade and the appropriate rules and procedures of the trade, and, above all, of having acquired the hands-on practical experience and apprenticeship and long years (some 2-3 years or more) of painstaking, patient, diligent hard work in the business.

Clearly, that is a far, far, cry from the Nelson doctrine outlined above which essentially says and spreads the thinking that, as a broker or agent working in world oil deals and trading, you’re almost automatically “guaranteed” to close oil trade deals and to attain incredibly humongous and high “millionaire” financial status of instant wealth within months in the business just by the mere trying of your hands at it; and that you need not necessarily have to work hard at it or to be trained or particularly experienced in and knowledgeable about it, but can attain such great wealth overnight, any way, by doing basically nothing — other than, perhaps, just shoving around a few copied or false oil deal documents on the Internet usually passed down to the particular intermediary from other fellow brokers and intermediaries.

Clearly, anyone who really knows anything about the true realities of the business, would immediately tell you that nothing could be more ‘Joker Broker’ like type of philosophy than the above-described Nelson doctrine. An attitude and mindset that immediately reminds one of this characterization made by one analyst about the core nature of the joker broker, “Some of them [the “Internet” brokers or joker brokers] are quite entertaining [in the notions about the workings of business they typically exhibit], and remind us of the Nigerian scam artists. The world simply [just] does not work like that.”


Yet, such attitude and thinking fundamentally represents the kind of underlying mindset and mentality which typically pervades and controls the thinking of most persons who are attracted by and enticed into dabbling into the role of an agent or intermediary in petroleum dealings today – a mindset and mentality which essentially views the petroleum trading business as the ‘cash cow’ path to instant financial riches, and one which requires no deep learning or knowledge set to attain it, no long experience, and no hard work, but could simply be accomplished merely by passing around a few copied or even forged but never verified “documents” on the Internet! An underlying mindset and mentality of get-rich-quick-through-the-intermediary-work-without-work-or-study, which, though grossly misguided and totally erroneous and misinformed, pervades the broker network on the Internet – and bespeaks of the kind of unbelievable unrealism, unreal mentality and difficult-to-comprehend attitude often witnessed among a good many Internet brokers and agents operating in the international petroleum trading market today in terms of the frequent presentation one sees on their part of offers of business propositions or demands that are often impracticable, totally unreal and unrealistic, seemingly mere day-dreaming than serious, clearly divorced from simple reality, and completely contrary to all time-honored, well-established norms of the trade and the normal ways of doing business!

H. How Pure Greed Blinds & Hoodwinks People into this Doctrine

It is a mindset and mentality that, though rooted in the Sam Nelson doctrine, have their most primary and powerful impetus in one fundamental factor – sheer human GREED and FANTASY or MYTHOLOGY! Many times, mainly consumed by the false thought of becoming “super rich” overnight out of the blues from an oil deal, many of such brokers are found to be innocently and naively trying to close a deal for someone who they believe, or merely hope, to be real, but who is, in fact really not. But oftentimes, they are too blinded and overcome by the false belief in their pipe dream of becoming “super rich next week or next month” overnight by virtually doing nothing, or too proud or conceited, to simply accept or concede that such beliefs and procedures that they present are simply incorrect or impracticable, and so they refuse to change their ways and continue along the same futile path of wasting their time and the precious time of others, for months and years still trying to push plainly unworkable deals – until, perhaps, it finally begins to dawn on them that for so long no deals have been closed, or are likely to be closed, and not a dime of income has been, or is likely to be, earned!

These words of cautionary alarm and distress by a vastly experienced and successful 35-year veteran of the business, Robert McAngus, the Managing Partner/CEO of the international conglomerate, Robert McAngus Group, concerning the escalating greed and demands for unrealistic levels of commission fees he had observed from Internet agents and brokers, seem to hit the nail squarely on the head:

“Having been in the oil business since 1976, many years prior to the birth of the internet and Skype, I feel I have the practical experience and the hands-on management knowledge and skills required to try and set some of the misunderstandings [held by brokers and intermediaries about what they should be paid] right,” as he strongly advices the brokers and agents that, having come from the old school, he would strongly ask that they always “THINK THE DEAL THROUGH. If you as a fresh-faced young broker or a grizzled seasoned veteran, take the time to think about the process, I am sure that you will realize that this industry requires a lot of hard work and effort, so rather than just pass the deal from your friend Joe, along to the next broker friend, do some dam work and find out if the deals [are] real or not, and try to earn your commissions.”

I. Don’t Even Try Your Hands at It Until You’ve Had the Requisite Education, Training, and Experience

Divide Papa, the noted expert in modern international trading procedures, somewhat debunking the Nelson doctrine of get-rich-quick-without work-or-study, elaborates:

“[If] you want to become a Doctor or Accountant or Engineer,” he notes, reminding us of the way things have always worked in the real world, “you must [first] study and go to school for may years. Then obtain experience. You want to become a professional intermediary Buyer/seller, the same ideal applies – 2/3 years is the learning, obtaining the experience cycle, and after studying, many will give up trying. That’s how difficult this business is. But in return – if you close even just ONE single large deal – you will make a small fortune. You will make a life time of earnings on one deal. If you learn and study well your chances to close one deal is an even 50/50. [However], if you trade without study, your chances of closing a deal is ZERO. There is no 100% study applications in this business.”

Papa adds that any persons who are acting as import/export intermediaries in world petroleum deals, but have NOT first done the requisite studies, or fail to apply the appropriate doctrine of trading that’s followed by credible practitioners and experts, are virtually doomed to failure, guaranteed to close no deals or to make even a dime in income. And such persons, he asserts, should just rest assured that at least 99% of them “have no idea on what they are doing and will never close one deal even in 50 year of trading with silly procedures like LOI, ICPO, BCL, POP, etc. The net is full of silly ill-informed intermediaries who think they are trading when, in fact, all they’re doing is trading in nothing – just wasting time.”


To summarize, the central point of this essay is that – whatever may have actually been, or is, the causal source for or genesis of it, whether it is traceable to Mr. Nelson’s book, or to the new ethic of the Internet and the Internet generation, or some other unidentifiable corrupting or misguiding influence, or whatever else – literally nothing could be more wrong-headed, more misleading, misguided or unfortunate for the international petroleum marketing business today, or any Internet broker and agent who operates or want to operate in it, than adopting or buying into the above-described doctrine of fortune being made as intermediary in petroleum trade deals overnight, without work or efforts or education, which is widely admitted to be the underlying prevailing mindset operating among many of today’s Internet brokers and agents. In fact, to put it even more starkly, the central point that is made here is that nothing could be more cruelly ‘Joker Broker’ like – i.e., more negative or despicable, more unreal and unrealistic, more damaging or destructive, and counterproductive – to the average broker’s very own best interests and to his best chances of ever finding success in the business or ever landing any sales, closing any deals or making any income – than for a broker to operate under this kind of thinking and mindset – a mindset that is completely false and wrong, totally mistaken and misleading, unrealistic, unattainable, and absolutely contrary to and devoid of any realities and all norms of doing business..

Put simply, in terms of world oil deals, it is this innate belief in the above-described doctrine and mistaken thinking concerning the actual nature and realities of international trading and what ought to be the proper role of the commission intermediary in it that is generally held by the modern Internet intermediary, consciously or unconsciously, deliberately or otherwise, that is fundamentally the single most critical element which account for why most commission intermediaries fail as agents and generally do not close any deals or earn much income, for months, even for years of involvement in the business. And, what is more, it is this unfortunate innate erroneous belief that is held by them, that has been the most fundamental critical element which account for the terrible image of the modern Internet commission intermediary in today’s petroleum marketing business, and the horrible image and notoriety with which they are generally viewed.

And this is so for very good and readily understandable, and, in large part, justifiable reason!

Why so? Simply, because to operate in the business based on such a wrong-headed doctrine or mindset, or such misguided thinking, by any one at all, directly leads one, as it has with the intermediaries involved in the oil business, astray, leading them to the wrong approach and wrong mindset and procedures for the business, and therefore to undesired results and to failure and not being able to close oil trade deals, or to earn commission income from their involvement in the business.

An apt and excellent word of knowledge by which to conclude this essay is perhaps this one offered by one noted expert and author on the international trade intermediary, “There are no short cuts in this business [of trying to work as a trader or an intermediary].”

Or, to put it perhaps even more lucidly still, I might myself add this: “Either trade with the correct philosophy and approach, or fail woefully if you try to trade otherwise!” As an intermediary (or trader), those are your ONLY two stark options and certain results, and none else!




October Man Sequence – Probably The Most Deadly Seduction Sequence Known To Man

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Ever since mentioned in ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss, the October Man Sequence has become somewhat of a legend. It purportedly is able to make a woman want to go to bed with a man in as fast as 15 minutes. On the perhaps negative side, it is also known to make stalkers out of the woman that the sequence is performed on!

During its release, the October Man Sequence had caused quite a stir in the seduction community, as evidenced by multiple threads on the sequence in almost all the major forums in the community.

So what really is October Man Sequence?

The October Man Sequence was originated by a veteran in the seduction community who went by the pseudonym IN10SE. He was portrayed as one of the key players in Neil Strauss’ book (where he was known as Twotimer). IN10SE was also a student of Speed Seduction guru Ross Jeffries and a peer of Swinggcat (the writer of Real World Seduction).

IN10SE had based the technique on Milton Erickson’s February Man book (he had renamed it the ‘October Man’ because his birthday was in October). The sequence was designed around hypnosis and NLP concepts such as framing, focus, intention and fractionation.

The basic premise of the October Man is symbolism. The concept of symbolism in hypnosis is the idea of turning a particular feeling in a person into a symbol which is then manipulated. The symbol is anchored towards another person (the hypnotist) and this is further used in order to invoke certain feelings (pleasure or pain) in the person.

This symbol is the link into a person’s unconscious. By controlling this symbol, it is therefore possible to control the person’s feelings at will.

Concerns on the use of the October Man Sequence

There were some concerns on the usage of this seduction pattern. It is so potent that according to IN10SE, using this technique is akin to “bringing a nuclear bomb to a gunfight”.

For some time, seduction gurus have taken the stand not to teach such patterns because they were thought to bring more harm than good. However, this purportedly ‘dark’ technique was finally released by IN10SE after some fake materials exchanged hands at eBay for good money.

While this technique might not be suitable for everyone, anyone with even a passing interest in the sequence should go to the IN10SE’s website and download a PDF sample of the book. Also, there is free audio where the author himself goes through a demonstration of sexual value elicitation.

According to Sinn, an instructor with Mystery Method, “(It is) far and away the best NLP product I’ve seen”. The jury is still out on whether the October Man Sequence is the deadliest seduction sequence known to man, but it remains a highly potent weapon in the seductionist’s toolbox.