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Helped to Get My Niece into the Game

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I used Virtual Families 2 cheats to get my young niece into playing the game, and it worked like a charm. I’ve been playing the game for some time, and really enjoy it. Of course, I like these types of games where the play stretches out over months or years and you’ve got a lot of tasks to take care of as the game unfolds. When my niece needed a place to stay when her Mom had to go out of town for a couple of months due to work, I thought I would see if she would like to play it.

She’s fairly young and doesn’t do a lot of game playing, but I thought I could win her over. She sniffed at some of the other games I play, but did take some interest in Virtual Families 2. Continue reading

I Started Working for a Tree Service

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I do not do the scary part, obviously that requires you to know what you are doing and they are not going to let a teenager do tree pruning in Long Island unless they think that they can afford to get me bonded. Obviously the profits go down the drain if you go around busting up cars and breaking the windows on houses. It does you no good to pay some guy to climb up a tree with a chain saw if the guy does not know how to come back down the slow way. The big thing on my job is to not get hit by falling tree limbs or chunks of logs from tree trunks. In fact that is a really big thing, and instead the big thing I do is to try to minimize the damage that occurs when a huge log falls from fifty feet up in the air. Continue reading

I Needed Back in My Snapchat Account

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The weekend was finally here and I wanted to spend some extra time on Snapchat. I had tons of pictures I wanted to download to my account. I got comfortable in my recliner with my laptop and proceeded to log into my Snapchat account. I typed in my username and password and got an error stating that the password was incorrect. This was no big deal as I sometimes misspell the password and would simply retype it. My second attempt produced the same error message. Someone must have used a snapchat hack to access my account. I had to get to the bottom of this and get it straightened out.

I immediately started a web search for information related to this. Continue reading

The Apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio Cost the Same As Our Old Apartment

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We started out looking at apartments based on what we thought we could afford. I was looking in specific areas thinking they were in our price range. I think that it is possible some landlords kind of rely on that kind of thinking. You end up getting less apartment for more money. On a whim, I asked my wife to look at the apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio to see what they looked like and what the rent cost. I heard from a friend that it was a nice place, but I always thought it was out of our leasing price range. Well, I should have looked at them first.

We were paying a lot for our junky old apartment. The rent had gone up every year for three years. Continue reading