Helped to Get My Niece into the Game

I used Virtual Families 2 cheats to get my young niece into playing the game, and it worked like a charm. I’ve been playing the game for some time, and really enjoy it. Of course, I like these types of games where the play stretches out over months or years and you’ve got a lot of tasks to take care of as the game unfolds. When my niece needed a place to stay when her Mom had to go out of town for a couple of months due to work, I thought I would see if she would like to play it.

She’s fairly young and doesn’t do a lot of game playing, but I thought I could win her over. She sniffed at some of the other games I play, but did take some interest in Virtual Families 2. I’m not surprised as the graphics are quite eye catching and frankly the game does have an appeal to women (in my opinion anyway). She wanted to play, but being a kid she didn’t want to put all the time and energy into building up your characters or the surroundings. That’s when finding a good cheat came into the picture.

We looked online and soon found a can’t miss cheat that guarantees you will make steady progress in the game. Apparently, you could make incredible progress in the game if you really wanted to use the cheat to its fullest extent, but I just wanted something that would give my niece a boost so that we could sort of play together and share ideas about what to do next. The cheat was easy to use and worked very quickly. In no time at all my niece had the ability to unlock a lot more aspects of the game. I think she’s going to keep playing even when she goes home!

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