Is the VA Hybrid a Good Loan For Me?

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many owners are financially tied right now. Economic down turn has captured most of us in some kind of financial difficulties. The hybrid loan the question of whether of VA is a good option to save money is a good.

many veterans receive envelopes or ads offering will streamline loans with rates of 3.0% APR or lower. These rates are offered in hybrid loan VA 3 years or 5 years.

many veterans are reluctant to look at this option for fear of what might happen in the future. This is version of going for an adjustable rate mortgage so the natural fear is that the loan will be adjusted in the future. Think about what the future is a good idea, but the current financial problems can sometimes be higher than future borrowing costs. Current monthly savings could be more important than some future financial risks. It is a simple risk vs reward question that veterans should be themselves.

basically, if you are in financial trouble now and need to save as much money as possible and then the hybrid loan from VA is a great choice. In addition, if you know it’s going to move in the next 3-7 years this loan makes little sense.

is important understand how hybrid will decide if it is the loan that is right for you. Hybrid means precisely that, a mixture. It will had the best fixed rate mortgages and sub-prime adjustable rate (Yes it’s true, there are some very good components of adjustable rate mortgages).

the VA has tried to give so many advantages of adjustable mortgage veterans, limiting the risks. Some of the ways that the loan goes hybrid limited risk to veterans include:

  • the interest rate is fixed and guaranteed for the first 3 or 5 years
  • after the initial fixed period, the rate can only adjust every 12 months (remember that the rate can move up or down, many veterans have enjoyed their rates of adjustment down years)
  • is the index (component that makes that) loan will adjust upward or downward) a very stable slow movement index (1 year CMT)

remember, if you have a loan will always are eligible for the loan of VA Streamline. Some veterans analyze your financial situation and determine that they absolutely need to save money right now, but know that they will maintain their current home long term. The loan goes hybrid can give immediate financial assistance that you need and then at 3 – 7 years can always simplify at a fixed rate if you get nervous about the adjustable feature.

as always, there is a correct answer or incorrect absolute analyzing a loan. The loan goes hybrid could be the best in the world for a veteran and the worst for another. If you are considering a refinance with a hybrid will loan make sure you talk to a loan officer specializing in loans of will that they can help you analyze the pros and cons of all their loan options.


I Needed Back in My Snapchat Account

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The weekend was finally here and I wanted to spend some extra time on Snapchat. I had tons of pictures I wanted to download to my account. I got comfortable in my recliner with my laptop and proceeded to log into my Snapchat account. I typed in my username and password and got an error stating that the password was incorrect. This was no big deal as I sometimes misspell the password and would simply retype it. My second attempt produced the same error message. Someone must have used a snapchat hack to access my account. I had to get to the bottom of this and get it straightened out.

I immediately started a web search for information related to this. Continue reading

The Silent Generation (aka Veterans) – Most Misunderstood and Underestimated Generation of All Time

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no generation has been so misunderstood and underestimated. This generation brought us civil rights, an unparalleled national wealth of the arts and Commerce and unimaginable advances in science and technology. “Silents” are about 95% at this point was withdrawn. In few years virtually no “Silents” will send an industry, a field of battle, nothing in absolute. Above all has gone well in the shadows. The silent generation also known as “Veterans” (mid-l920s-mid 1940’s) Silentsare 95% retired at this point. In a few years virtually no “Silents” will send an industry, a field of battle, nothing at all. Above all has gone well in the shadows. No generation has been so misunderstood and underestimated. This generation brought us civil rights, an unparalleled national wealth of the arts and Commerce and unimaginable advances in science and technology

three theories about the origin of the “Silent generation” label…

  1. this generation grew up when children “should be seen and not heard.”
  2. the attack on political freedom in the United States by the Committee on UN-American activities in tandem with inquisitions of Senator Joseph McCarthy scared the heck out of them. McCarthy whipped up anti-Communist sentiment to such an extent that it was dangerous to express an opinion anywhere, about anything. People were going to jail for beliefs and affiliations 20 or 30 years before. Freedom of expression was almost dead. People came to be apolitical. Safety deposit box. Silence.
  3. the name silent generation was coined in a 1951 Time magazine cover article to refer to the generation of age at the time. The phrase became even more fashionable after review by the author William Manchester that the members of this generation were “withdrawn, cautious, unimaginative, indifferent, modest and silent.”

4 million Canadians over 65 constitute 13% of the population and 1 million of them, or 3 percent, are over the age of 80.

some features of Silents AT WORK


  • trust
  • privacy compliance
  • faith in institutions
  • respect for authority patience
  • responsibility before pleasure
  • order Social formality


  • consistent
  • detail oriented
  • to complain not mediators and facilitators commitment


  • cannot see “grey” – mostly black and white
  • assume “no news is good news”
  • may sound paternal
  • often complacent when they are in disagreement

some misconceptions about Silents :

media myth: more accidents and diseases . Reality : actually have fewer accidents at work. Insurance claims are no different to that for all workers.

the media myth: cannot learn technology . Reality : Silents are motivated students when performing standing training (respectfully, with low pressure).

the media myth: will not work. reality: many prefer to work beyond retirement, at least part time; change of work still carries a stigma for them.

the media myth: not as productive as younger workers. Reality : surveys continue to report that older workers are every bit as productive as the younger.

the media myth: not so smart as younger workers. Reality : search for psychologists who intelligence remains constant until at least age 70.

some of the results of collisions between Baby Boomers and other generations groups

when a Boomer (mid-1940s until the mid-1960) collides, they think…

  • Dictatorial.
  • inhibited.
  • the technological dinosaurs.

when it collides a GenX (mid-1060s in late 1970), they think…

  • too much in your ways.
  • learn how to use voice mail.
  • you have all the money.

when it collides a GenY (Decade of 1980 to 2000), they think…

  • grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.
  • as, how is that different from pierced ears nose ring? Hello…?
  • learn how to use email. We are all individuals.

there are countless ways that differ in background, personality, values, preferences and style. To make judgments about these differences (i.e., that is better), is illogical and meaningless. However, exploring the generational diversity may help explain – and bridge – the sometimes perplexing differences behind our unspoken attitudes and assumptions on probabilities.

caution : be careful not to reinforce negative stereotypes. The generational differences are initially not a end to the understanding.


The VA Offers Loan Programs For Fixer Upper Homes

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one of the many uniqueness of a VA guaranteed loans is the possibility of buying a House and the use of some of the loan funds to fix it before moving. The other type of loan like this can be permanent financing of construction (also guaranteed by the VA). In other words, the will is in certain circumstances guarantee loans so that you can purchase, and rehabilitation (rehab) a House that needs repair and that you and the lender knew repair prior to closing. You will not find anywhere else.

basically have two loans, one for the initial purchase and a second or supplementary loan for rehabilitation work. The first loan will surely require home evaluate and pass inspection, even in its State beaten up. In other words, the sink must have running water and you need the oven heat. You must coordinate the purchase and rehabilitation with care with not only your lender but also with an appraiser licensed before making any commitment. While this adds a level of complexity that is not normally found in residential mortgage loans, note that the Government of the United States is about to return the price with a guarantee. Go ahead!

some standards key

is important for you to know about some of the fundamental rules established by the VA for this type of agreement. The titles below have been changed to help the reader and not all rules are restated here only those who seem to be high-profile.

a. VA can guarantee a loan modification and repair

or a residence owned by the veteran already occupies a House, or

or in conjunction with a loan for purchase of the property.

B. alterations and repairs should be that normally found in similar property of comparable value in the community

C. The cost of modifications and repairs of structures may be included in a loan for the purchase of the improved property where its value is compatible with the amount of the loan.

D. a supplemental loan is a loan modification, improvement or repair of a residential property. The residential property must have

or secure a guaranteed loan of will and

or be owned and occupied by the veteran or the veteran dealing with the termination of major alterations, repairs or improvements.

e. modifications, improvements or repairs must be

or be to effects substantially protect or improve basic habitability or the utility of the property and

or restricted primarily for maintenance, replacement, improvement or acquisition of real estate, including accessories.

F the. installation of features such as grills, swimming pools, etc., does not meet this requirement.

g. not more than 30 per cent of the loan proceeds can be used for maintenance, replacement, improvement, repair or purchase of nonfixtures or quasi-accessories such as refrigeration, cooking, washing and heating equipment, and the equipment must be related to or complement the main alteration so that the loan is proposed

H. A supplemental loan requires the prior approval of VA if

or the loan will be for a lender other than the holder of the obligation secured today

or the loan is to be made by a lender who has no authority to close loans automatically, or

a force responsible for currently outstanding obligation shall be released of personal responsibility by operation of law or otherwise

If this type of arrangement sounds attractive, submit your application to its official loan and carefully walk through a dress rehearsal with all stakeholders including an appraiser and a home inspector that are licensed and know what they are doing. This is another of the many ways to convert its loan guarantee of going for a ticket with the highest net value. It is one of the ways to get more bang for your buck.

warning: this is a view of the author and should not be trusted as a substitute for any advice from your lender who will be the final arbiter of all discussed here.

copyright 2009 © Thomas Kerns McKnight, JD, WBC


The Apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio Cost the Same As Our Old Apartment

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We started out looking at apartments based on what we thought we could afford. I was looking in specific areas thinking they were in our price range. I think that it is possible some landlords kind of rely on that kind of thinking. You end up getting less apartment for more money. On a whim, I asked my wife to look at the apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio to see what they looked like and what the rent cost. I heard from a friend that it was a nice place, but I always thought it was out of our leasing price range. Well, I should have looked at them first.

We were paying a lot for our junky old apartment. The rent had gone up every year for three years. Continue reading

Who Is the Most Decorated American War Hero?

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much as the fights that those men and women suffered during the war, there are many controversies that surround more decorated veteran of war of United States. There is a debate about if considering a pure ‘medal count’, which includes received medals for being wounded, acts of service, etc. or just taking into account those receiving medals for acts of courage under fire. When I started this hub, just consider the medal count.

when it’s courage under fire, is difficult as a soldier, sailor or marine has the greatest courage. Brave men and women have died bravely that we have not even heard. Its creator knows who they are and what they did. I have included many of the people that I’ve been educated above the process of maintenance of this Center.

the State most decorated veteran has been attributed to Audie Murphy’s Texas. Audie Murphy was considered most of the United States decorated veteran with 33 medals in 27 months of fighting. Its gain of decorations so many in such a short time is amazing. Some career soldiers have many honors deserved for an extended period of time. A soldier wins so many decorations so quickly was amazing.

as well as on the awarded medals by the United States, received five from France and Belgium. Since many of his medals were awarded for service during the second world war, he acquired great notoriety. Teammate and veteran of World War II, David Hackworth in the service and won more awards.

David Hackworth California is now considered the most decorated soldier of the United States with 90 decorations, mentions and awards. He is most proud of his combat infantryman badge. The service cross distinguished (with oak leaf cluster), received the Silver Star (with 1 silver cluster of leaf oak and 4 oak leaf clusters), Legion of merit (with 4 oak leaf clusters), the Bronze Star (with V and a silver oak leaf cluster and the oak leaf cluster) listen to purple (with a bunch of sheet Silver Oak and oak leaf cluster), conduct of good air Medal, Medal of commendation from the army, Medal, Victory Medal, second world war, army of occupation, the Korean Medal, Viet Nam Service Medal. He is the most decorated veteran of Viet Nam.

then of the II World War, Audie Murphy became a star in 44 films and establish himself as a composer of Western music in the country. At that time there was great controversy over who best embodies the spirit of the hero, Audie Murphy, who was a true hero or John Wayne, who was a hero of the film. The controversy continued as groups of debated that it was a better model for the youth of America.

there was also a controversy about the debate about who was the most decorated veteran, Audie Murphy or Matt L. Urban . When the question who was the most successful, one must consider if they were decorated by the United States and other Nations.

New York born to Matt L. Urban has been considered as having so many ornaments as Audie Murphy in World War II. He was an officer, gaining 7 Purple Hearts, the Legion of merit, the Croix de Guerre with a star of silver and the Medal of Honor from Congress. Personally led his men in incredible feats, from the landing in North Africa, to personally knocking out communications towers while that under fire. He was awarded the Medal of Honor of the Congress by President Jimmy Carter, 35 years after the war.

the most decorated veteran of the war in Viet Nam was Joe Hooper of Moses Lake, Washington. Hooper was awarded with 35 medals, including the Medal of honour of the Congress, two silver stars, six eight purple hearts and bronze stars. Your account exceeds that of Murphy, York, Keene or urban. Life of Hooper after the war was full of conflict and controversy that contributes to its being overlooked by many historians. As the war itself which aroused strong emotions and controversy, the most decorated veteran of that war was full of controversies, as well. One of the most controversial episodes was when he told a group of high school students,

‘ I tell my kids, if I had to do it, ‘go to Canada, not to fight.’ Do not fight in a war that you can’t win.”

his tragic life ended when he died of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 40. The most was later buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

such disputes about who was the most decorated also existed in the first world war.

for the first world war, Alvin York of Tennessee for a long time has been identified as the most decorated American soldier in that conflict, although some historians claim that George Lawson Keene Texas was the most decorated.

Alvin York received the distinguished service cross, which was later upgraded to the Medal of Honor. He also received the Croix de Guerre and the Legion of honor by the French Government… The Nations of Italy and Montenegro awarded the Croce di Guerra and war medals of him also.

george Lawson Keene Texas received the I received was the Medal of Honor and Silver Star with oak leaf cluster. He was also wounded seven times during his service, led to his being awarded the purple heart also received the distinguished service cross, cross of Honor, the French Croix de Guerre with Palm, Knights of Verdun and French Commemorative Medal. The French decoration received personally to him by Marshal Ferdinand Foch.

the honor for the most decorated veteran of women going to Colonel Ruby Bradley . She spent time as a Japanese prisoner of war and later served in Korea. Received the following medals and awards medals of the Legion of merit, the bronze, two emblems star presidential, the meritorious unit emblem, Service Medal defense americana, the American campaign Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign medal, the victory medal second world war, the Medal of the professional army with the closure of Japan, Korea’s service three medals the Philippine Liberation Medal, Philippine independence Ribbon and the United Nations Service Medal.

Robert L. Howard Alabama has the distinction of being the only soldier nominated for three awards of the Medal of Honor from Congress within a thirteen month period. This was a unique achievement considering his courage under fire. It is also noteworthy that the company take care of them in that she serves most decorated unit for its size, with its members with five medals of Honor from Congress.

Oklahoma born James Gritz (also known as James “Bo” Gritz) was raised by his grandparents, since father had died in combat. Throughout his life, was highlighted in many areas. When he enlisted in the army, he advanced through the ranks. When he finished his military career, he had won 62 medals for their courage. After leaving the army, he continued to serve as Minister and Adviser. Their support openly oppressed Americans and the preservation of life, earned him the wrath of government officials when he discovered his involvement in drug trafficking outside the area of the golden triangle of Burma. It was their participation which helped to resolve the situations with Randy Weaver Ruby Ridge and the Freemen of Montana. He also participated in efforts to locate POW completo disappeared in Viet Nam in the years after the war and protested in the case of Terry Schaivo.

most decorated marine and marine heroes and other

after initially, cube, I became aware of many heroes awards should be noted. There are other heroes who bravely served his nation that could not be included due to space problems. In terms of military decorations, are classified by service and conflict. I am aware of many American heroes, including the following:

the title of most decorated marine goes to Lewis B. Puller “Chesty” [19459004Virginia](1898-1971)… During his 37 years of service, became the only Navy to win five Navy crosses. There have been books written about his life. Serious shooter also had a long history of military activities and being a tough guy. Fought against the guerrillas in Haiti and Nicaragua. The guerrillas in Nicaragua finally it called the “Tiger of the mountains” and placed a reward of 5,000 pesos in the head.

also are served in the II war world and Korea. Was in Korea, that achieved the feat without preceding of win a fifth cross of Marina of war, that never has been repeated by any other person. Some followers of pulley say that would have had more medals, bu refused to play games political with the ups more.

shooter knew treat with the guerrillas could get war and war it ugly. Its grandmother had been killed by Yankee soldiers and their house burned then found spurs of her dead husband hanging on the wall. Soldiers considered the Spurs ‘military supplies’ and such smuggling mode, therefore was considered her worthy of being killed. Such atrocities shaped his thinking and hardness is difficult situations. Today, the Marines at Parris Island end up overnight saying “Sharpshooter bass night, wherever you are!”

Colonel Robert Howard, United States, (1939-2009) who has recently died is another contender for the most successful. Colonel Howard was a soldier of special forces of the army that shows incredible feats of heroism in Viet Nam. In addition to being awarded the Medal of Honor from Congress, also received the distinguished service cross, the Silver Star, Star (2) bronze, eight purple hearts and many other prizes.

veteran of the I war world, Paul Jarrett was awarded the Legion of Honor Award French when it was 101 years old for his achievements in the war. A street in France was also named in his honor. The French did not forget the deeds done for their nation. His grandson made a documentary entitled “the return of Paul Jarrett” that documents his life and service in the 166th Brigade of the 42nd Division of infantry…

another very decorated hero is pilot, William J. Maddox who died in 2001. During his time in the service he received the Medal for distinguished service, four silver stars, medals air 127, eight and five legions merit distinguished flying crosses.

Lieutenant Coronel Anthony “Tony” Herbert has been called the soldier most decorated of the Viet Nam war. It also has the distinction of being the most decorated soldier of the war of Korea. Herbert wrote an autobiography (soldier) of their time in the service. His career was controversial in that reported on the atrocities committed by American soldiers in Viet Nam, which led to some concerns in military circles and the media.

USN James Williams was the most decorated man of naval history… James achieves its remarkable achievements in its 20 years of faithful service in the United States Navy.

people always lie about decorations?

Unfortunately, many people have lied about the value and decorations which were military. The degree of lying grew to be a problem that passed a law entitled “Stolen value report” that made it illegal to lie about decorations that have been awarded. A recent case involved California Xavier Alvarez, a member of the Board of water in Pamonha, California. Alvarez boasted that he had served in the Marine Corps and was awarded the Medal of Honor from Congress. When an investigation revealed that he had failed and had not granted the decoration, the case went to court. The Ninth Circuit Court said that his lie not harm anyone and was a form of expression protected in this matter. The Court went further and said the prohibitions of the act as ‘unconstitutional’ and Alvarez had committed no crime.


Radio Controlled Boats – 3 Things Veteran RC Boat Nuts Wished They’d Learnt Before Their 1st Boat

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this is a guide to buying your first Radio controlled boat. WARNING: Please do not buy your new RC boat before reading this guide.

OK Let’s start with 3 essential things need to consider before entering the wonderful world of RC boat.

where are going to run your boat?
OK the first thing you should consider when buying a Radio controlled boat is where you will run it. This is a very important consideration because it will help you determine what type of boat you should buy.

RULE NUMBER 1 – consider the surface of the water where the boat will run.

large areas; Sea, lakes or rivers

If you live near a Lake, a large river or even a quiet Ocean bay then are really fortunate. It can really take your pick as to which type of boat that you want to start with.

his only concern is if the wind is a factor in the creation of waves or chop electric or nitro RC boat or if there will be enough wind power to your radio sailing boat.

SUGGESTION: before buying your RC boat, make sure that you can run it. Talk to the necessary authorities and restrictions make that there is no noise (or others) that affect you.

small areas; Swimming pools, ponds or rivers small

If you don’t have the bodies of water near you, do not despair yet reachable by boat RC. More than likely there is a swimming pool, small river, or even a small lake, man-made where you can run your new boat.

in this case you are probably restricted to radio controlled electric boats since they are a bit slower and therefore much more maneuverable.

COUNCIL: is much better to have a lot of fun running an electric RC boat in a small area that is out of control and risk your expensive Nitro RC boat.

electric or Nitro power
before determining which type of boat is best for you, consider your level of interest and their history of the next.

RULE NUMBER 2 – buy a boat that suits your level of interest.

are what so seriously?

so before you start wondering how serious you are. Is your garage or attic full hobby and sport equipment? If so may be best to start with a fun, electric boat, and move to a boat radio controlled nitro more seriously when you a little bit more. Thus you will have a spare boat later if you decide to follow the hobby more, and don’t risk a costly idle sitting boat in your shed.

radio Control electric boats
electric Radio Control boats are quite fast, and tons of fun. They work with powerful rechargeable batteries similar to a mobile phone. A load of typical battery (and therefore time) duration about 10-15 minutes, small toy boats can run for 45 minutes. Electric RC boats have current speeds out of the box for about 15 to 20 mph.


  • cheap to buy (easy place to start to see if you like it)
  • easy to maintain (not dirty with fuel and tuning)
  • low running costs (much cheaper in the long run)
  • quiet Electric Motor (can work where do not allow boats Nitro)


  • slower that Nitro Radio Control boats
  • duration It is limited to the capacity of the battery

Nitro Radio controlled boats

Nitro Radio Control boats are fast, load and stimulant. It should come with a warning label indicating that they are addictive, care with you have been warned! RC boats nitro model work with a special blend mixture of nitro, methanol and lubricant. They use real engines, thumbnails that are able to propel at speeds of around 25 to 35 mph out of the box.


  • boat RC Nitro powered can operate for a longer period (a quick refueling is already in the water)
  • Nitro RC boats are faster than the electric RC boats (and therefore, some would say fun ) more


  • can be expensive to set up
  • fuel is more expensive than the regular fuel mixture oil
  • Motors require regular tuning and maintenance
  • Nitro boats are noisy! You are probably limited in some areas due to high levels of noise.
  • need a wide and open water due to the increase in the speed area

helmet design

there are basically two different designs of helmet of Radio controlled model boats;

  • deep v (or monocoque)
  • helmets of background plane (also called helmet of a seaplane or sometimes a catamaran)

RULE NUMBER 3 – choose a hull design that complements your environment.

with deep V hull boats are usually easy to control the boats with flat bottom hulls, however once you become accustomed to its model racing boat then you can choose to buy a boat more powerful with a fast Hydroplane hull.

COUNCIL: If you’re a beginner or the area where you will run your RC boat is rough or has strong winds then consider a boat with a hull V deep, it will be much easier to control.

tips General

knows his life of battery

is not very great to run out of juice in the middle of a lake or a river flowing fast. To get to the battery life while practicing near the shore. You won’t regret it.

see range of your Radio Control System

again stay close to the shore when the limit of your Radio Control system – not head out to sea to see to what extent can make your boat go.

return to the system

some boats are equipped with a sophisticated system of return to the coast that allows you to bring the boat home if you run out of gas on the coast. You may want to consider one of them.

in conclusion, for making a wise decision, experienced his first Radio controlled boat ensure you purchase a boat that suits the area where it will run your boat and that suits your level of interest. Also make sure that your hull design that matches your environment.

follow these simple tips and you no doubt to get hooked on your new boat model.

best in water and turns off.


Here’s Why We Can’t Afford to Confuse Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Sufferers with the Narcissistic

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could really confuse a person who suffers from a disorder Post traumatic stress, also known as post-traumatic stress disorder, the individual suffering from unhealthy levels of narcissism? Yes, I think that it is possible. It would also be a tragedy occurred. I understand more.

we know that many of the Veterans of the Viet Nam war developed problems of alcoholism or drug addiction. This probably occurred because hey were trying to deal with the symptoms of Post traumatic stress. Because we did not know about PTSD in the time, and we don’t have treatments for it, veterans were left to deal with the symptoms of PTSD in your. In fact, to deal with painful memories and flashbacks, for example, many turned to alcohol and drugs to self medicating. Then, over time, they became alcoholics and drug addicts.

some of these same veterans who developed PTSD to emotional abuse and verbal abuse, using against their wives and their children. While certainly it was not a good thing, again, it was not surprising for their PTSD. Many with disorder by stress Post traumatic experience irritation or anger is, often to the minor provocation shortly, too.

If you has State reading on levels unhealthy of narcissism, not matter the version more extreme of the narcissism unhealthy exhibited in disorder of personality narcissistic or NPD, is could think that these behaviours problematic have a ring family. That’s because many times, the narcissistic, we see addictions such as alcoholism, drug addiction and sexual addiction. Narcissists also have a propensity to engage in emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and perhaps other forms of abuse such as sexual abuse. So, if you don’t know someone was a war veteran, but addictions and abusive forms in the individual were observed, could suspect that the person was narcissistic.

can be suspected for other reasons, also. The veteran of the war could be inclined make case flies in the face of the family; He or she could be isolated and they don’t want to participate in important events of significant others. And, because the war veteran may appear willing to assume certain responsibilities, he or she can come across as a lack of concern for others, or be focused. Once more, these answers probably do not come from narcissism, but could easily be the symptoms of PTSD. Remember, those suffering from narcissism unhealthy, and certainly who are diagnosable disorder narcissistic personality, all show a number of common characteristics or traits. But what truly distinguishes the disorder narcissistic personality of other personality disorders is the feature of grandeur.

I suspect that you will not find more war veterans to be grandiose. In fact, most probably don’t want to talk about what they did and the horrible things that found in everything. And again, you could as well as insulate. If you choose to be with others, probably will want to be close to those who are veterans like them. After all, they want to be with people can understand what went through, as well as the consequences emotionally painful resulting.

but now, let’s go back and discuss why it is so important that it does not confuse war veterans suffer from PTSD with those who suffer from narcissism. It is important because today, PTSD can be treatable in many cases, but need to be caught sooner than later. Also because it tends to hit the younger warriors more than older ones, and people in their late teens and early twenties might be more likely to deny that they have problems, it can be vital to others and recognize what may be happening. As one wife, other members of the family, a friend or an interested Member of the community, you may need to intervene discreetly and encourage this person to seek help.

there is no need to have a repeat of what happened to many war veterans and their families after the war in Viet Nam. This time around, there is hope, but also can have only a small window of opportunity to make a real difference. Make sure that veterans with PTSD don’t miss it you.


Handicapped Accessible Shower Design for Veteran Amputees

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amputee veterans, one of the most difficult to do things is to take a bath. Go to the bathroom already is difficult, even if have someone that les guide or push your Chair of wheels to get to the room of bath. While in the shower, often there is the danger of them hitting the walls should slide accidentally. Reach all your needs bathroom also is another challenge that they have to go through every day. Luckily theses days, accessible wheelchair shower design units are available to make bathing easier for people. This shower’s bathroom for disabled people is usually portable and foldable, making it easy to install and remove.

persons with disabilities deserve care and attention, especially veterans many times in his life experienced difficulties, hardships and anguish. They deserve understanding, as it is normal for them show irritability and short temper, taking into account their inability to move freely and independently. So, to make things more clear for them, a significant way of doing this is to install a unit design of shower accessible wheelchair next to the patient’s room. As a source of water nearby, there is probably a faucet or a sink, you can easily configure. The good news for you is that a disabled bathroom does not require drilling or hammering to be installed. In fact, some units are already mounted when you purchased.

portable shower baths are designed with the disabled in mind. As mentioned, are easy to install in any part of the House always was a nearby water source is available. And when the patient is not using it, it can easily be removed and folded. Those who are in wheelchairs can simply slide the wheelchair inside the showers. Meanwhile, for those who do not want to bath in a wheelchair, you can just sit, lie down or placed in a comfortable position inside the shower. A curtain can be used to add some privacy while persons with disabilities is to take a bath.

showers for handicapped persons are essential because they allow persons with disabilities to take a bath without help from others. Bathing is something private and if veteran amputees need help from another person to clean up themselves, this can be very embarrassing for his part. But with showers for disabled people, the personal needs of persons with disabilities are met.

showers for handicapped persons are available from different manufacturers, each product comes with special features according to the needs of persons with disabilities. Before you buy one, make sure that the right measures. There are showers for adults and children. They are also broad enough to accommodate those that weigh on the heavy side. Make sure the unit you buy, in addition to the personal needs of the amputee also will make her feel comfortable. I.e., he or she can move freely within the shower without compromising your safety.


Basic Facts About IU (Individual Unemployability) in a Veterans VA Compensation Claim

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the Veterans always have questions about the benefits of disability compensation IS known as IU. It is also known as TDIU (Total – Individual Unemployability disability) and sometimes as TD (Total inability).

what is TDIU?

most veterans mixed its terminology to refer to this benefit. However, all veterans have the same understanding of what is this benefit. When the compensation related to inadequate service compensate for his injuries in service military, may request that the WILL give you a score of 100%.

there are 2 ways to do it. Then, explain the BASIC eligibility criteria for both forms of the TDIU: cedular and extra cedular. (

1) TDIU cedular

a veteran seeking a Total disability rating, or IU (Individual Unemployability), the veteran more commonly refers to the TDIU cedular. (

is available when a veteran meets one or both of the following 2 eligibility criteria:


) a related service disabilities rated 60% or more; or,

b) 2 or more conditions related to the service – one of which is classified as 40%, and the combined total of percentage, using mathematics GOES, total 70% or higher

when one or both of these criteria are met, the Regional Office of VA is supposed to consider TDIU cedular.

However, often not (this can lead to an earlier date to some veterans who discover the error later in his appeal process).

in addition, GOES often requires that a veteran file form GOING 21-8940 before even considering condition.

this is not legal, they are forced to consider the claim of the TDIU cedular with or without a way of GOING 21-8940.

However, those veterans have that ask if is a battle worth it penalty fight. If a veteran thinks that they are unemployed because of a service-related medical condition, or think that it will be finally are unemployable, must only submit form VA 21-8940 as soon as possible, you’re in the appeals process.

the Regional Office of the WILL assure you miscalculate the date of Veterans when there is a claim for cedular TDIU, so be sure to consult a VA accredited Attorney veterans benefits that come to a classification decision granting TDIU – lawyer can review that decision and your C file to determine if the effective date is calculated correctly. (

2) extra – cedular TDIU

once more, it is very general information. It could – and probably will be someday – I am writing a book about Extra TDIU cedular. A legal concept that is easily understood or applied by the veterans, VSOs, lawyers, is not advocates and judges of BVA.

because there are many myths about what it takes to get a decision of classification award extra cedular TDIU, I will give a description of the very BASIC of this type of claim.

you ARE, says that its policy is to veterans as 100% disabled when they are not able to guarantee employment due to a medical condition, disability, or illness that makes them work. In short, if a si un veterano veteran unable to work due to the consequences of their military injuries (combat or non – combat), “unemployed” can then be determined by the WILL.

this is true regardless of the percentage of your service connected conditions, diseases or disabilities. If you are a veteran rated 10% or 30% (or any %) disabled, but is disabled due to incapacity, may be eligible for “Extra-cedular” TDIU.

to obtain a qualification decision VA TDIU granting extra cedular, the veteran will have to show that their qualification related to the service does not adequately compensate them for the loss of what is called a ‘capacity to earn wages’.

in summary, the veteran will have which prove that your medical condition presents an as exceptional or unusual picture that represents the application of the classification lists IS inadequate. The evaluator WILL will need to provide evidence of unique circumstances demonstrate their medical condition, disability, or illness makes you work.

why is such a unique that shows required? Because the law presumes that the qualification program adequately compensates the loss of wage-earning capacity.

where a veteran is rated 30% for condition X less, says she is incapacitated due to this condition, then the veteran will have to prove why their situation is so unique that its rating of 30% is not enough.

here are 5 factors that WILL should (and in some cases, should not) consider an extra claim cedular of the TDIU: Factor

#1: receipt of Social Security disability for the same condition BEING determined does not deserve a rating of 100%.

#2 factor: conditions not related to the service. Most Veterans don’t know that the WILL cannot be considered non-related disability service when it comes to determining if a veteran is entitled to EXTRA CEDULAR of the TDIU.

#3 factor: education and work experience. The often GOES this gets a – think that because one is more educated that they can not get TDIU extra cedular, particularly when the veteran education or experience in a sedentary job line or non-physical.

for example, suppose that a veteran is a counter. He works as an accountant on Monday, despite their service connected conditions affect their daily work activities.

if, suddenly, the veteran may not work on Tuesday, often GOES feels tempted to conclude that the situation is temporary, or because it was recently and very educated employee, you can find employment elsewhere.

the logic GOES, while not “bad” in theory, is incorrect in its application. The approach to the question of the right to extra – cedular TDIU is the totality of circumstances of the veteran – no speculation about a highly educated veteran or a veteran COULD hold the future with a recent history and much employment.

#4 factor: when frequent hospitalizations of Veterans (for a condition related to the service or conditions) affects your ability to get work, the Regional Office of WILL must consider hospitalizations in an extra claim cedular of the TDIU.

#5 factor: although often does this, the WILL is not age in the evaluation of the TDIU extra cedular.

it is possible that you can count, showing extra benefit – cedular TDIU is a hard road.

most veterans will need an expert opinion of a vocational or professional expert or a competent physician. The AVL rules often that veteran is unable to offer an opinion – as a person – who are disabled due to a service-related condition.

what makes an extra – cedular TDIU claim even more difficult is that the Regional Office of WILL and the BVA does NOT have the authority to grant TDIU extra cedular. Only the Director of compensation and pension service of WILL can make the final decision on this claim. This is one reason that extra – cedular IU claims take a long time to decide.

bottom line.

consider calling for BOTH forms of the TDIU (or UI that is often called) when you believe that your medical condition related to the service, diseases or disabilities render you incapacitated.