The Apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio Cost the Same As Our Old Apartment

We started out looking at apartments based on what we thought we could afford. I was looking in specific areas thinking they were in our price range. I think that it is possible some landlords kind of rely on that kind of thinking. You end up getting less apartment for more money. On a whim, I asked my wife to look at the apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio to see what they looked like and what the rent cost. I heard from a friend that it was a nice place, but I always thought it was out of our leasing price range. Well, I should have looked at them first.

We were paying a lot for our junky old apartment. The rent had gone up every year for three years. I liken it to that frog in a pot of cool water thing. If you throw that frog into really hot water, it will jump out in a hurry. However, there is that saying of being able to cook the frog in the pot if you let it heat up slowly. I am not so sure of the reality of that analogy, but the imagery is applicable to our rent situation. We had been paying more for our lease for three years in a row. We were paying more for the place we did not like than we would have if we had moved to the apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio.

Well, since our lease was up, we moved fast. No time like the present. That is another saying I like. We have been liking our new place tremendously. Our old apartment did not even have a swimming pool. Here, we have a resort style pool and a 6,000 square foot clubhouse. We have a fireplace in our apartment, and all new black appliances in the kitchen. We even have a garage for our car!

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